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The Truce at Bakura
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Title: The Truce at Bakura
Author(s): Kathy Tyers
Genre: Science Fiction
Copyright: Trademark and text copyright 1994 by Lucasfilm Ltd.
Series : Star Wars Novels Vol: 9
Dedication: I can't think of Star Wars without remembering the opening fanfare from its soundtrack.  I can't imagine an Imperial Star Destroyer's long, triangular silhouette without hearing ominous triplet rhythms.  And who can picture the Mos Eisley cantina without that inimitable jazz band?

It is with grateful admiration that I dedicate this novel to the man who composed the musical scores for the three Star Wars movies.
John Williams
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Publisher: Bantam Spectra Books
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  Date Added:  12/25/2002
Date Updated:  12/25/2002
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