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Criteria: Series: X-Wing
Order: Series
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1) Rogue Squadron
     ISBN: 0553568019
     (X-Wing #1)
Michael A Stackpole
2) Wedge's Gamble
     ISBN: 0553568027
     (X-Wing #2)
Michael A Stackpole
3) The Krytos Trap
     ISBN: 0553568035
     (X-Wing #3)
Michael A Stackpole
4) The Bacta War
     (X-Wing #4)
Michael A Stackpole  
5) Wraith Squadron
     (X-Wing #5)
Aaron Allston  
6) Iron Fist
     (X-Wing #6)
Aaron Allston  
7) Solo Command
     (X-Wing #7)
Aaron Allston  
8) Isard's Revenge
     ISBN: 0553579037
     (X-Wing #8)
Michael A Stackpole
9) Starfighters of Adumar
     (X-Wing #9)
Aaron Allston  
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