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Publisher: Bantam Spectra Books
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  Date Added:  12/25/2002
Date Updated:  12/25/2002
Published Covers

Gap into Madness: Chaos and Order
(ISBN: 0553572539)

Reave the Just and Other Tales
(ISBN: 0553580140)

Planet of Judgement
(ISBN: 0553241680)

Prelude to Foundation
(ISBN: 0553278398)

Heir to the Empire
(ISBN: 0553296124)

Dark Force Rising
(ISBN: 0553560719)

Specter of the Past
(ISBN: 0553298046)

I, Jedi
(ISBN: 0553578731)

Before The Storm
(ISBN: 0553572733)

Shield of Lies
(ISBN: 0553572776)

Tyrant's Test
(ISBN: 055357275X)

The Last Command
(ISBN: 0553564927)

The New Rebellion
(ISBN: 0553574140)

Vision of the Future
(ISBN: 0553578790)

Assault at Selonia
(ISBN: 0553298054)

Showdown at Centerpoint
(ISBN: 0553298062)

Isard's Revenge
(ISBN: 0553579037)

(ISBN: 0553576119)

The Truce at Bakura
(ISBN: 0553568728)

Children of the Jedi
(ISBN: 0553572938)

Rogue Squadron
(ISBN: 0553568019)

Planet of Twilight
(ISBN: 0553575171)

(ISBN: 0345477553)

(ISBN: 0345477561)

(ISBN: 034547757X)

Wedge's Gamble
(ISBN: 0553568027)

(ISBN: 0345477413)

Ambush at Corellia
(ISBN: 0553298038)

The Krytos Trap
(ISBN: 0553568035)
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