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Title: Warp Graphics Annual No Prev | No Next  
Issue: 1
Cover Date:
Pages: 68
Cover Price: $2.95
Comments: A:A Distant Soil
Cover Title:
Cover Credits: Debbie Hayes (Penciller); Paul Abrams (Inker); Mark Wheatley (Colorer); Richard Pini (Editor)
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Comic ID: 829
  Comic Added: 1/1/2005
Last Update: 1/1/2005
1)  Courage, By Any Other Name...  (8 pages)
Richard Pini (Writer); Wendy Pini (Writer); Debbie Hayes (Penciller); Paul Abrams (Inker); Lee Marrs (Colorer); Clem Robins (Letterer)

2)  Mything Lessons!  (8 pages)
Jim Valentino (Writer); Phil Foglio (Writer); Robert Asprin (Writer); Jim Valentino (Penciller); Jim Valentino (Inker); Diane Valentino (Colorer); Jim Valentino (Colorer); Diane Valentino (Letterer)

3)  R & R  (8 pages)
Colleen Doran (Writer); Colleen Doran (Penciller); Colleen Doran (Inker); Kathryn Mayer (Colorer); Bob Pinaha (Letterer)

4)  Elf Quest  (8 pages)
Martin L Greim (Writer); Brian Buniak (Penciller); Brian Buniak (Inker); Janice Cohen (Colorer); Brian Buniak (Letterer)

5)  In The Belly Of The Golden Whale  (8 pages)
Monica Sharp (Writer); Dave Garcia (Penciller); Dave Garcia (Inker); Dave Garcia (Colorer)

6)  Christmas Spirits  (8 pages)
Mark Wheatley (Writer); Rickey Shanklin (Writer); Marc Hempel (Penciller); Mark Wheatley (Inker); Kathryn Mayer (Colorer); Mark Wheatley (Colorer); Kathryn Mayer (Letterer); Marc Hempel (Letterer)

7)  The Utripneen Connection  (8 pages)
Don Lomax (Writer); Don Lomax (Penciller); Don Lomax (Inker); Bruce Patterson (Colorer)

8)  Circus Flambe'  (8 pages)
Lee Marrs (Writer); Lee Marrs (Penciller); Nicholas Koenig (Penciller); Romeo Tanghal (Inker); Lee Marrs (Colorer); Carrie Spiegle (Letterer)

Comic Book Title Information
Title: Warp Graphics Annual *
Comic Type: Annual
Volume: 1
Company: WaRP Graphics
Date: 1986
Issues: 1 (1 in collection)
Country: United States
Language: English
Format: Standard Modern Color
Title ID: 482
  Title Added: 1/1/2005
Last Updated: 8/9/2006
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  * Indicates that this Title is no longer published.
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