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"Jolynne's Song"

Times were good; life was fun.
I played with friends after school in the sun.
My heart beat strong as I ran carefree.
Everything was grand; God was good to me.

My parents taught me the love of Christ;
I could accept His gift of sacrifice.
My heart beat strong as I prayed on my knee.
Everything was grand; God now lived in me.

When I met Craig I knew he would be
My husband for eternity.
My heart beat strong as I said, "I do".
Everything was grand; but God's work was not yet through.

The sweetest joy in all the earth
Was the day that I gave birth.
My heart beat strong as I held Kayleigh.
Everything was grand; God gave us a baby.

My skies of blue turned slowly gray.
A shadow loomed and came to stay.
My heart beat strong for just awhile.
Everything changed; except my smile.

The sky is blue; the meadow green.
The sun is the brightest that I've ever seen.
My heart beats strong as I run carefree.
Everything is grand; God is good to me.

Lord, your child has one request.
Please bless my family and the rest.
They need You so; please ease their pain
Until we're together once again.

Dedicated in loving memory of Jolynne Jones Burns
and in Christian friendship to Craig and Kayleigh.

Beth Neely
July 1, 1999