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There are so many things that I would love to write about Jolynne ("Jo"), but there isn't room to write down all the fun and special things we did.  There are things in my life that will always remind me of her and the things we did together.  For example, I can't eat pizza without thinking of her - that was her favorite meal, and Sunday evenings at our house was spent with Jo, Craig and Kayleigh eating pizza and watching movies.  There is a Chinese restaurant that I haven't been to since they moved, because we always went there most Tuesday evenings and ate and played with Kayleigh.  Several things that I come across periodically like these make me very sad.  But - most of the things I remember bring me a lot of fond memories and some make me laugh. Jo and I did a lot of that.

I remember one particular time when we were coming back from Ardmore - just the two of us - and we stopped somewhere along the way to get gasoline.  She went inside to use the bathroom while I went to pay.  I came back to my car, got in and waited for Jo to come back.  I waited and waited and got a little concerned when I noticed that she was sitting in a car almost exactly like ours talking to 2 young men.  As I watched her, I saw her get out and walk on over to our car and sort of slink in.  Come to find out, she had been "debating" with those 2 guys as to whose car it was she was sitting in and who really was in the wrong car.  Of course, when she saw me, she knew she was in the wrong car.  (Jo could be very head strong!!!) We laughed all the way home, and then every time we thought about it for weeks after, we would just crack up laughing.

She had an absolute and total sense of right and wrong, and refused to give an inch on an issue she felt strongly about.  This is quite an admirable trait, but could really be frustrating at times.  However, that is one of the things I loved the most about her.  She was, without a doubt, one of the most unique people I have ever met, and I loved her very much.  She had such a hard time trying to deal with the things that were changing in her physically and mentally - things that neither she nor anybody else understood - but knowing what we know now, I am amazed that she was able to handle it as graciously as she did.  I remember Jo and I watching a video of Jo and Kayleigh at an Easter Egg Hunt at their church.  One part of the video showed her walking, which at that time had become increasingly difficult and she had a very awkward gait.  When she saw herself, she just laughed and said "Good grief, I look like an old duck waddling down the road there."  It was so cute, the way she said it!  We both just laughed.

I will miss her always, but find great comfort in knowing where she is and that she is running, jumping, laughing and singing in a far, far better place than we are.  I also find great comfort in knowing that I will see her some day in the future and we will once again be able to laugh and enjoy each other.