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Chocolate chip cookies always make me think of Jo.  She knew how much I loved them, so every time she would come over to our house or we would go to hers, she would make chocolate chip cookies.  She loved to be creative with them, so they were never the same - sometimes over-cooked, sometimes with M & Mís in them, sometimes excellent, sometimes not so excellent, but we always ate every one of them.  She had the desire to contribute something to every party or event she attended and most of the time it was chocolate chip cookies.  I donít think I have ever known anyone who enjoyed other people like Jo did.  There could never be too many people around too often to suit her.  She was a gracious hostess and just loved people.  She would never miss a get-together if she could help it and she usually came with her chocolate chip cookies in tow.  What fun! I really miss those chocolate chip cookies, but most of all I miss Jo.