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When Jo first moved to Oklahoma City she was, of course, introduced to all of the family friends.  I can remember how opened armed she accepted people.  She always was giving a "sundae party", or some other get-together just to show how much she cared.  I can remember her buying everyone a "happy."  That was just a small gift to show she was thinking of you.  Jo broke her foot and I came up for two weeks to help.  Kayleigh was just a toddler (about two) and Jo couldn’t put any weight on her foot at all.  We would laugh so hard because I would have to give her a huge bear hug to lift her to take her where she might need to go.  She would get so tickled and I was trying not to laugh so I wouldn’t drop her.  She said, "We have really bonded."  When she got to the point she needed help walking, things seemed so sad.  I looked at her and said, "Jo do you know that I love you?"  She said "Yes and I love you too."  She smiled and looked right into my eyes.  I’m going to miss her so much.

Jolynne thank you for being such a great friend and sister-in-law.

I love You, Kristi.