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Head Coaches
Stoops, Bob
Blake, John
Schnellenberger, Howard
Gibbs, Gary
Switzer, Barry
Fairbanks, Chuck
Mackenzie, Jim
Jones, Gomer
Wilkinson, Bud
Tatum, Jim
Luster, Dewey
Stidham, Tom
Jones, Lawrence "Biff"
Hardage, Lewie
Lindsey, Adrian
Owen, Bennie
Ewing, Fred
McMahon, Mark
Roberts, Fred
Parrington, Vernon
No Coach
Harts, John

Asst Coaches
Allison, Carl
Andros, Dee
Arbuckle, Dale
Baer, Jack
Barlow Jr, George
Barr, Johnny
Barrett, Steve
Bennett, Phil
Blaik, Bob
Blake, John
Boyce, Donnie
Brown, Mack
Brown, Watson
Clopton, Mike
Coker, Larry
Cornell, Bob
Crider, Frank
Cross, Leon
Crowder, Eddie
Dickey, Jim
Dickson, George
Donnan, Jim
Drake, Bruce
Duncan, Donnie
Elliot, Pete
Erskine, Robert
Fairbanks, Chuck
Fehring, William
Feldman, Rudy
Franklin, Chet
Gibbs, Gary
Granato, Joe
Gray, Billy
Gundy, Cale
Hall, Galen
Hamilton, Bill
Hargsheimer, Walter
Harper, Warren
Haskell, Lawrence
Hayes, Johnathan
Hayes, Tom
Heatly, Dick
Helmes, Jim
Heupel, Josh
Hill, Scott
Hobby, Brewster
Hochever, Gene
Hope, Danny
Ivy, Frank
Jacobs, John
James, Clarence
James, Pat
Jennings, Bill
Jimerson, Don
Johnson, Denver
Johnson, Jimmy
Johnson, Merv
Jones, Gomer
Jones, Mike
Keen, Paul
Keith, Bobby Drake
Lacewell, Larry
Langston, Chuck
Leach, Mike
Lester, Chuck
Long, Chuck
Luster, Dewey
Lyle, Sam
Lynn, George
Mangino, Mark
McDermott, Hugh
McGinnis, Pete
McMillen, Matt
Michael, Bill
Moore, Frank
Mosely, Wendell
Nagel, Ray
Nord, Gary
Norris, Grant
Norris, Rex
North, Charlie
Norvell, Jay
Nystrom, Carl
O'Dell, Gerald
O'Neal, Jay
Patton, James
Pelini, Bo
Pittman, Sam
Pope, Kenith
Proctor, Bobby
Rector, Joe
Reeds, Claude
Rice, Homer
Roberts, J D
Rowland, John
Rush, Clive
Ryan, Rex
Sadler, Charlie
Schmidt, Jerry
Selmon, Lucious
Shepard, Derrick
Shimek, Bill
Shipp, Jackie
Spurrier Jr, Steve
Stidham, Tom
Stoops, Mike
Sumlin, Kevin
Swabek, Craig
Switzer, Barry
Taylor, Sherwood
Tenuta, John
Thomas, Keith
Thompson, Jerry
Thurmond, Chris
Tuttle, Orville
Vagotis, Christ
Van Valkenburgh, Kurt
Venebles, Brent
Ward, Bob
Warmack, Bob
Warren, Guy
Wilson, Chris
Wilson, Kevin
Winder, Dick
Wolthausen, Kevin
Wright, Bobby Jack
Wyatt, Darrell
Young, Bill
Young, Paul
Youngling, Ted

Coach Mack Brown

OU Information
Name: Mack Brown
Coaching Position: Offensive Coordinator Year: 1984
Non-OU Positions:
North Carolina: Head Coach Years: 1988 - 1997
Texas: Head Coach Years: 1998 - Present
Coaching history for opponent teams is only listed for teams that the Sooners have played at least once. It is also currently limited to Head Coaches only.
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Sooner Record Against Mack Brown as Head Coach
Date Opponent Score Location Attend
9/10/1988 at North Carolina 28~0 (W) Chapel Hill, NC 53,675
10/10/1998 vs Texas * 3~34 (L) Dallas, TX 75,587
10/9/1999 vs Texas * 28~38 (L) Dallas, TX 75,587
10/7/2000 vs Texas * 63~14 (W) Dallas, TX 75,587
10/6/2001 vs Texas * 14~3 (W) Dallas, TX 75,587
10/12/2002 vs Texas * 35~24 (W) Dallas, TX 75,587
10/11/2003 vs Texas * 65~13 (W) Dallas, TX 75,587
10/9/2004 vs Texas * 12~0 (W) Dallas, TX 79,587
10/8/2005 vs Texas * 12~45 (L) Dallas, TX 75,452
10/7/2006 vs Texas * 10~28 (L) Dallas, TX 76,260
10/6/2007 vs Texas * 28~21 (W) Dallas, TX 80,000
10/11/2008 vs Texas * 35~45 (L) Dallas, TX 92,182
10/17/2009 vs Texas * 13~16 (L) Dallas, TX 96,009
10/2/2010 vs Texas * 28~20 (W) Dallas, TX 96,009
10/8/2011 at Texas * 55~17 (W) Dallas, TX 96,009
10/13/2012 at Texas * 63~21 (W) Dallas, TX 92,500
Record: 10~6~0

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