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1938 Season

Head Coach: Tom Stidham | Roster << 1937  |  Current Season  |  1939 >>
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1938 Season Games
Date Opponent AP** CP** BCS** Score Location Attend Coach More
10/1/1938 Rice Logoat Rice 7~6 (W) Houston, TX   Kitts  
10/8/1938 Texas Logovs Texas 13~0 (W) Dallas, TX   Bible  
10/15/1938 Kansas Logoat Kansas * 19~0 (W) Lawrence, KS   Lindsey  
10/22/1938 Nebraska LogoNebraska * 14~nr 14~0 (W) Norman, OK 28,091 Jones  
10/29/1938 Tulsa LogoTulsa 10~nr 28~6 (W) Norman, OK   Hurt  
11/5/1938 Kansas State LogoKansas State * 11~nr 26~0 (W) Norman, OK   Fry  
11/12/1938 Missouri LogoMissouri * 10~nr 21~0 (W) Norman, OK   Faurot  
11/19/1938 Iowa State Logoat Iowa State * 7~nr 10~0 (W) Ames, IA   Yaeger  
11/24/1938 Oklahoma State Logoat Oklahoma State 6~nr 19~0 (W) Stillwater, OK   Cox  
12/3/1938 Washington State LogoWashington State 5~nr 28~0 (W) Norman, OK 15,529 Hollingbery  
1/2/1939 Tennessee Logovs Tennessee
Orange Bowl
5~4 0~17 (L) Miami, FL 32,191 Neyland  

* indicates a Big 6 conference game
** poll rankings are displayed with OU's ranking first. Some polls do not rank the top 25 but all rank the top 10.
indicates a ranking for a non-current poll (more than one week ahead)
1938 Season Summary
Conference Games: 5 Conference Record: 5~0 (100.0%)
Home Games: 5 Home Record: 5~0 (100.0%)
Away Games: 4 Away Record: 4~0 (100.0%)
Bowl Games: 1 Bowl Record: 0~1 (0.0%)
Overall Games: 11 Overall Record: 10~1 (90.9%)
Overall Scoring: 185 Opponent Scoring: 29
Ave per Game: 16.8 Ave per Game: 2.6
Conference Rank: 1 Final AP Rank: 4

Streaks and Stats
Most Points Scored: 28 Most Points Allowed: 17
Fewest Points Scored: 0 Fewest Points Allowed: 0
Longest Winning Streak: 10 Game(s) Longest Losing Streak: 1 Game(s)
Largest Margin of Victory: 28 Largest Margin of Defeat: 17
Note: Home and Away statistics do not include bowl games or games played at neutral sites.
Winning and losing streaks are consecutive games and not necessarily in consecutive years. Only the last streak is shown if more than one streak exists with the same number of wins or losses.
Coaching Staff
Robert Erskine Scouting
Lawrence Haskell Line
Dewey Luster Running Backs
Hugh McDermott Scouting

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