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School: Kansas State University Team Name: Kansas State Wildcats
Location: Manhattan, KS Head Coach: Bill Snyder
First Year: Conference: Big XII Conference LogoBig XII Conference
Stadium: Unknown Field: Wagner Field
Colors: Website: http://www.kstatesports.com/
Series Page
Note: General information only goes back to the inception of the AP poll in 1936 with the exception of coaches where all the information known is listed.

Kansas State Helmet Kansas State Logo Kansas State Flag

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Head Coach History
Bill Snyder 2011~present
Ron Prince 2006~2010
Bill Snyder 1989~2005
Stan Parrish 1986~1988
Jim Dickey 1978~1985
Ellis Rainsberger 1975~1977
Vince Gibson 1967~1974
Doug Weaver 1960~1966
Bus Mertes 1955~1959
Bill Meek 1951~1954
Ralph Graham 1948~1950
Sam Francis 1947~1947
Hobbs Adams 1946~1946
Lud Fiser 1945~1945
Ward Haylett 1942~1944
Hobbs Adams 1940~1941
Wes Fry 1935~1939
Lynn O Waldorf 1934~1934
A N McMillin 1928~1933
Charles Bachman 1920~1927
Z G Clevenger 1916~1919
John R Bender 1915~1915
Guy Lowman 1911~1914
Mike Ahearn 1905~1910
A A Booth 1904~1904
G O Dietz 1903~1903
C E Dietz 1902~1902
Wade Moore 1901~1901
F G Moulton 1900~1900
Albert Hanson 1899~1899
W P Williamson 1898~1898
A W Ehrsam 1897~1897
Ira Pratt 1896~1896
Conference History
Big XII Conference Logo Big XII Conference 1996~present
 Big Eight Conference 1928~1995
 Missouri Valley Conference 1913~1927
 Independent 1896~1912
 Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference 1890~1895

Classification History
NCAA Division I-A 1978~present
NCAA Division I 1973~1977
NCAA University Division 1937~1972

AP Poll Top 10 Stats
Rank  Times Last
 2nd 5 10/8/2000
 4th 7 10/1/2000
 5th 7 9/24/2000
 6th 7 9/14/2003
 7th 11 9/7/2003
 8th 10 12/8/2003
 9th 9 1/5/2001
 10th 10 11/18/2002
Total Times Ranked in Top 10: 66
Last Time Ranked in Top 10: 12/8/2003
Coaches' Poll*** Top 10 Stats
Rank  Times Last
 5th 2 8/24/2003
 6th 3 9/14/2003
 10th 1 12/8/2003
Total Times Ranked: 24
Last Time Ranked: 12/8/2003

* Only the Sooners and teams that they have played are listed.
*** Coaches Polls are unavailable for seasons before 2003.

Thanks: to the Helmet Project for the helmet images and College Animated Flags for the school flags.

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