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School: University of North Carolina Team Name: North Carolina Tar Heels
Location: Chapel Hill, NC Head Coach: Butch Davis
First Year: Conference: Atlantic Coast Conference LogoAtlantic Coast Conference
Stadium: Kenan Field:  
Colors: Website: http://tarheelblue.ocsn.com/
Series Page
Note: General information only goes back to the inception of the AP poll in 1936 with the exception of coaches where all the information known is listed.

North Carolina Helmet North Carolina Logo North Carolina Flag

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Head Coach History
Butch Davis 2007~present
John Bunting 2001~2006
Carl Torbush 1998~2000
Mack Brown 1988~1997
Dick Crum 1978~1987
Bill Dooley 1967~1977
Jim Hickey 1959~1966
Jim Tatum 1956~1958
George Barclay 1953~1955
Carl Snavely 1945~1952
George McEver 1944~1944
Tom Young 1943~1943
Ray Wolf 1936~1941
Chuck Collins 1926~1933
Bill Fetzer 1921~1925
M E Fuller 1920~1920
Thomas Campbell 1916~1919
T C Trenchard 1913~1915
W C Martin 1912~1912
Branch Bocock 1911~1911
A E Brides 1909~1910
Edward Green 1908~1908
Otis Lamson 1907~1907
W S Keinholz 1906~1906
William Warner 1905~1905
R R Brown 1904~1904
Herman Olcott 1902~1903
Charles Jenkins 1901~1901
W A Reynolds 1897~1900
Gordon Johnston 1896~1896
T C Trenchard 1895~1895
V K Irvine 1894~1894
Hector Cowan 1889~1889
Conference History
Atlantic Coast Conference Logo Atlantic Coast Conference 1953~present
Atlantic Coast Conference Logo Southern Conference 1922~1952
Atlantic Coast Conference Logo Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association 1895~1921
 Independent 1888~1894

Classification History
NCAA Division I-A 1978~present
NCAA Division I 1973~1977
NCAA University Division 1937~1972

AP Poll Top 10 Stats
Rank  Times Last
 1st 1 10/11/1948
 2nd 1 10/4/1948
 3rd 8 10/24/1983
 4th 5 10/20/1997
 5th 11 11/3/1997
 6th 9 1/5/1998
 7th 8 12/8/1997
 8th 10 11/24/1997
 9th 8 10/21/1996
 10th 13 1/5/1997
Total Times Ranked in Top 10: 74
Last Time Ranked in Top 10: 1/5/1998
Coaches' Poll*** Top 10 Stats
Never ranked.

* Only the Sooners and teams that they have played are listed.
*** Coaches Polls are unavailable for seasons before 2003.

Thanks: to the Helmet Project for the helmet images and College Animated Flags for the school flags.

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