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School: Florida State Team Name: Florida State Seminoles
Location: Tallahassee, FL Head Coach: Jimbo Fisher
First Year: Conference: Atlantic Coast Conference LogoAtlantic Coast Conference
Stadium: Doak Campbell Field:  
Colors: Website: http://seminoles.ocsn.com/
Series Page
Note: General information only goes back to the inception of the AP poll in 1936 with the exception of coaches where all the information known is listed.

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  2 AP National Championships**  
1993; 1999

Head Coach History
Jimbo Fisher 2010~present
Bobby Bowden 1976~2009
Darrell Mudra 1974~1975
Larry Jones 1971~1973
Bill Peterson 1960~1970
Perry Moss 1959~1959
Tom Nugent 1953~1958
Don Veller 1948~1952
Ed Williamson 1947~1947
Conference History
Atlantic Coast Conference Logo Atlantic Coast Conference 1992~present
 Independent 1951~1991
 Dixie Conference 1948~1950
 Independent 1947~1947

Classification History
NCAA Division I-A 1978~present
NCAA Division I 1973~1977
NCAA University Division 1955~1972
NCAA College Division 1947~1954

AP Poll Top 10 Stats
Rank  Times Last
 1st 59 10/1/2000
 2nd 22 9/24/2000
 3rd 54 11/3/2003
 4th 34 10/10/2005
 5th 37 9/11/2011
 6th 35 7/1/2011
 7th 15 10/10/2004
 8th 16 9/12/2005
 9th 21 9/10/2006
 10th 16 10/24/2005
Total Times Ranked in Top 10: 309
Last Time Ranked in Top 10: 9/11/2011
Coaches' Poll*** Top 10 Stats
Rank  Times Last
 3rd 1 11/3/2003
 4th 1 9/4/2011
 5th 9 9/11/2011
 6th 3 9/5/2004
 7th 5 9/25/2005
 8th 5 10/31/2005
 9th 5 9/4/2006
 10th 7 9/10/2006
Total Times Ranked: 228
Last Time Ranked: 9/11/2011

* Only the Sooners and teams that they have played are listed.
** AP Polls started in 1936.
*** Coaches Polls are unavailable for seasons before 2003.

Thanks: to the Helmet Project for the helmet images and College Animated Flags for the school flags.

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