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Name: Hirotaka Suzuoki
Birth: 6 Mar 1950 (Age: 56)  Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Death: 6 Aug 2006  Tokyo, Japan  (lung cancer)
AKA: 鈴置 洋孝
Miscellaneous Information
Blood Type: A
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Genesis Climber Mospeada (1983-1984)
     Season: All  -  Regular Cast    (Yellow Belmont)
Kiddy Grade (2002-2003)
     Season: All  -  Regular Cast    (Dextera)
Star Blazers (1974-1975)
     Season: All  -  Regular Cast    (Kenjiro Ohta)
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Ai City (1986)
       Regular Cast    (Kei)
Genesis Climber Mospeada (1983-1984)
     Season: All -  Regular Cast    (Yellow Belmont)
Kiddy Grade (2002-2003)
     Season: All -  Regular Cast    (Dextera)
Millennium Actress (2002)
       Regular Cast    (Junichi Ootaki)
Ranma : The Movie, Big Trouble in Nekonron China (1991)
       Regular Cast    (Tatewaki Kun)
Star Blazers (1974-1975)
     Season: All -  Regular Cast    (Kenjiro Ohta)
They Were Eleven (1986)
       Regular Cast    (Amazon Carnais)
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Total Anime: 7

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