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I whetted my appetite with large "chapter books" (to borrow a term from my daughter's school room) in the third grade with a few Hardy Boys Mysteries.  When I was in fifth grade I started reading just about anything science fiction I could get my hands on.  That started when Star Wars came out at the movies.  I saw it  fourteen times and picked up the book.  I then got Splinter of the Mind's Eye by Alan Dean Foster and it just went from there.  This listing will probably be incomplete for some time since I have read a few books.  I am starting with my favorite books and authors and will try to work my way through all of them.  Browse if you wish and order some too if it suits your fancy.  All books can be ordered from

If you have any information on books I have listed, please e-mail me at the address listed at the bottom of the page and let me know.  There are several covers listed here of books that I do not personally own.  Dates that covers where first released and publisher information are welcome.  Also note that I have just integrated the Doctor Who books into this website and will be sorting through these for a while yet in order to get them more presentable.

If you click on the link and nothing happens, then you either do not have JavaScript enabled or your browser does not allow popup windows.  These links open a new window for your dealings with

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Information Information on this Book is available.  This book has at least a copyright date.  When books are added, entering the copyright date usually means that I have entered more information on this book.  Sometimes this may not be the case but generally is so.
Book Shelf This book is in my personal library.  Most books that I have read I owned at one time or another.  I have been known to sell or trade old books (though not often).  I rarely use the library because I'm just very bad about getting books back on time.  This icon means that I current own this book.
Book I read this book.  Some books are in this list that I have not read.  These are usually here in order to complete a series listing or they are books that I want to do not yet have.  Sometimes I own a book that I have not read but will get to eventually :)  One case is the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony - I bought six of the seven books around 1990 but never read them until 2006.
Image This book has at least one cover scan.
Amazon You may order this book from when viewing the details page.
Clock I am currently reading this book.
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Books - Disclaimer

Books on this website are denoted with copyrights on their respective Details page (when known).  I have taken the liberty of reproducing a small portion of some of the books on this website.  This is for informational purposes only.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Almost all book covers have been scanned by me, however, some have been taken from other websites.

You may order these books from where indicated.

Feel free to contact me at for questions or comments.

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Book Count: 1,385
Cover Count: 1,442
Author Count: 413
Publisher Count: 130

First Book Added: The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien (25 Nov 2002)
Last Book Added: Mere Christianity by C S Lewis (21 Mar 2009)
Last Book Updated: Mere Christianity by C S Lewis (21 Mar 2009)
Book With the Most Covers: 23 covers - The Fellowship of the Ring by J R R Tolkien
Largest Book Read: 2,201 pages - Bible: MacArthur Study Bible by Multiple Authors

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