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Website: OU
SoonerSports.com   English Official Sooner Sports Website  
All-Time Database   English NCAA Championships, Bowl Games, Coaches, Record Books  
AP Poll Archive 3 English I got most of the AP poll information pre-2003 from this site. Nice historical info site.  
Ballparks by Munsey & Suppes   English  
College Animated Flags   English This is the site that I got all of the wavy flags from. Nice site, go visit.  
College BCS   English  
College Football Data Warehouse   English  
Division I Football   English  
Division I Football Statistics   English  
Division II Football   English  
Division III Football   English  
Helmet Project   English The Helmet Project is where all of the helmet images on this website are from. This is a really cool website.  
Hickok Sports   English  
info please   English  
NCAA Football   English  
NCAA Website   English  
Oklahoma Fansite   English  
OU Insider   English  
Sooner Awards   English  
Sooner Scoop.com   English  
Sooner Stats   English  
Vintage Football Cards   English  
OU ESPN 3 English OU Insider  
Sooners at CBS Sportline   English  
Sooners at College Sports.com   English  
Sooners at ESPN   English  
Sooners at Fox Sports   English  
Sooners at Sports Illustrated   English  
Sooners at USA Today   English  

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