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Website: Entertainment
About: Japanese Language 4 English A helpful guide to understanding the Japanese language.  
Absolute Anime 4 English Anime characters and profiles.  
ADV Films 3 English  
AIC Website 3 English  
Akemi's Anime World 3 English Reviews and other neat stuff.  
Animart! 2 English  
Anime Academy 3 English  
Anime Ad Infinitum 4 English  
Anime and Manga Center 3 English  
Anime Cubed 3 English  
Anime Dream 3 English  
Anime 3 English  
Anime 3 English Split from  
Anime Mikomi 3 English Site for anime reviews  
Anime Nation: The Anime Source 4 English  
Anime Network 2 English  
Anime News Network 5 English  
Anime on DVD 3 English  
Anime Pilgrimage Blog 3 English  
Anime Secrets 3 English  
Anime Tourist 3 English  
Anime Wallpapers 4 English 3 English  
Anime-Cons 3 English  
AnimEigo 4 English Lots of information on their products, including online liner notes.  
AnimeLink 3 English Anime Reviews  
Animetique 3 English Reviews and stuff. 3 English Reviews, etc.  
Anything-Goes Anime Lyrics Archive 3 English  
CD 4 English  
CD Japan 2 English  
Clearly Pixelated - Desktop Anime 3 English Wallpapers  
Common Sense Media 3 English Good but sometimes falls short of the common sense part.  
Crystal Acids 4 English English Voice Actor & Production Staff Database   English A good resource for episode guides. Links to and  
EX: Online World of Anime and Manga 3 English  
Gendou's Anime Music 4 English  
Geneon Animation 3 English Formerly Pioneer Animation  
Golden Rasberry Awards 3 English  
Griever's Anime 3 English  
Guide To… 3 English  
Heterochromia Blog 3 English Anime blog.  
Hitoshi Doi - Seiyuu (Seiyuu Section) 3 English  
Internet Movie Database 5 English  
Internet Movie Database   English This is a wealth of information. Now they have television shows broken out in seasons and episodes.  
Internet Movie Script Database 3 English  
Itsumo Anime Blog 3 English Anime blog.  
Japanese language site with a translator 3 English  
JLookup 4 English A program for translating Japanese into English.  
Kei's Anime Reviews 3 English  
Laws of Anime 4 English Version 6.0 of the Laws of Anime.  
Magical Screencaps 3 English Nice screen cap site.  
Matthew's Anime Blog 3 English  
Memento Anime Blog 4 English Really nice blog site with anime reviews and synopses. I've linked some of the shows to this site as well.  
Meta Anime Review Project 3 English  
Movie Poster Database 4 English  
Pretty Scythe Blog 3 English  
Random Curiosity Blog 3 English  
Right Stuf 4 English Anime DVD's and Videos for sale  
Ryu's Seiyuu Info 2 English  
Sea Slugs! Anime Blog 3 English  
Suguru's Dame-Dame Anime Blog 3 English  
T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews 4 English  
The Sunset Grill 2 English Anime Images  
TV Rage   English Another good resource to television shows.   English The place that many episode guides can be found. Very good resource.  
Franchise   English Unofficial Battlestar Galactica website. Type40 Page Battlestar Galactica   English Official Battlestar Galactica website. Type40 Page
Ally McBeal   English Official Ally McBeal site a Fox. Type40 Page
Angel at BBC Cult   English The BBC cult website's section for Angel. Type40 Page
Buffy at BBC Cult   English The BBC cult website's section for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Type40 Page   English Comprehensive unofficial Buffy website. Type40 Page
City of Angel   English "The definitive source for Angel the WB television series." Type40 Page   English Unofficial Firefly fan website. Type40 Page
Hitchhiker's BBC Website   English Official BBC cult website. Type40 Page
Official Sarah Jane Adventures Website   English Type40 Page
SHADO Library & Archives   English A fan site for the television show UFO Type40 Page
The Institute 3 English Torchwood fan site. Type40 Page
Torchwood Guide 4 English Type40 Page
Torchwood Online 3 English Torchwood fan site. Type40 Page

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