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Ah! My Goddess! - Cast

Regular Cast
Name Role Season
Drew Aaron Keiichi Morisato  All 
Eileen Stevens Belldandy  All 
Vibe Jones Urd  All 
Annice Moriarty Skuld  All 
Masami Kikuchi Keiichi Morisato  All 
Inoue Kikuko Belldandy  All 
Touma Yumi Urd  All 
Hisakawa Aya Skuld  All 
Full Cast and Crew (May take some time to load)
Recurring Roles*
Name Role Eps
Dan Green Prof Kakuta  3 
Noriko Shitaya Hijiri  8 
Kan Tanaka Prof Kakuta  3 
Chafurin Urn of Hakushon the Demon King  3 
* Roles recurring three or more times.
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