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DVD Details
Title: Tenchi Forever
    Tenchi Muyo in Love 2
Companies: Pioneer Entertainment
Official Website:
Rating: NR
Region: 1
Runtime: 95 min
ISBN: Unknown
Screen: Widescreen; Anamorphic Video
Back Cover:
Tenchi walks into the mountains and disappears.  After searching all over Japan for Tenchi, Ayeka and Ryoko finally locate him in Tokyo where he is now several years older.  Tenchi appears to be in a parallel world with a mysterious girl, named Haruna, and doesn't remember Ayeka and Ryoko!  What is the mysterious connection between Haruna and Tenchi's grandfather, Yosho?  It's up to Ayeka and Ryoko to discover what Haruna wants with Tenchi and the rescue him before he disappears forever!
Languages: English - Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Japanese - Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Subtitles: English
Features: Line Drawing Collection
Easter Eggs: Additional Title Information
English Ending Credits
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