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Confessions of a Model Citizen ~ "confession"
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Show: Ergo Proxy
Episode Title: Confessions of a Model Citizen ~ "confession"
Alternate Title(s): Confession
Yoki shimin no kokuhaku (Japanese)
良き市民の告白 (Japanese)
First Aired: 4 Mar 2006
Episode No: 2
Overall No: Episode 2 of 23
Season: 1
Writer: Dai Sato
Directors: Satoshi Toba; Shukou Murase; Jonathan Klein
(Warning: Possible Spoilers)
Re-l is met with skepticism when she tells how she was attacked by a monster.  What's worse is that the Information Bureau appears to want this covered up and so there is no evidence to support her claims.  Even her entourage has had it's memories wiped.  When she is required to have a psychological evaluation due to her new found "pathological lying", she determines to get to the bottom of things.  Meanwhile Vincent Law is chased by a Proxy through a mall where it kills many of the people there.
  Name   Role
  Jonathan Klein   Director
  Shukou Murase   Director
  Dai Sato   Writer
  Satoshi Toba   Director
Guest Stars
  Name   Role
Dameon Clarke   Detective
  Rob Landreth   Bureau Chief
  Kirsty Pape   Mother
  Erica Shaffer   Entourage
  Kamiya Hiroshi   Bureau Chief
  Kanako Tateno   Entourage

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