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Recall ~ "TASOGARE"
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Show: Ergo Proxy
Episode Title: Recall ~ "TASOGARE"
Alternate Title(s): Shoukan (Japanese)
召還 (Japanese)
First Aired: 1 Apr 2006
Episode No: 5
Overall No: Episode 5 of 23
Season: 1
Writer: Dai Sato
Directors: Shukou Murase; Sayo Yamamoto; Jonathan Klein
(Warning: Possible Spoilers)
In the settlement outside of Romdo, people are growing restless with the increased security drones.  They blame Vincent for this and Hoody creates a lie to help save him.  He tells the people that he's been in contact with Romdo in order to get them back inside.  Re-l arrives in an AHT to get Vincent back and the commune think she's a negotiator.  While she's talking to Hoody she mentions the Proxy and he tells her a few things about the Proxies.  He tells her that the Proxies are not monsters but are instead a creature that can live inside humans and control their minds.  He also tells her that there are more than one proxy and that he's seen at least five (or maybe three).  The Romdo Security Bureau begins a sterilization of the commune just as Re-l and Vincent make their way to the AHT.  Timothy, Quinn’s son is killed and Re-l's suit is damaged and she must take it off and expose herself to the harsh environment.
  Name   Role
  Jonathan Klein   Director
  Shukou Murase   Director
  Dai Sato   Writer
  Sayo Yamamoto   Director

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