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Light Ray ~ "shining sign"
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Show: Ergo Proxy
Episode Title: Light Ray ~ "shining sign"
Alternate Title(s): Kousen (Japanese)
Shining Sign
光線 (Japanese)
First Aired: 22 Apr 2006
Episode No: 8
Overall No: Episode 8 of 23
Season: 1
Writer: Dai Sato
Directors: Jonathan Klein; Daiki Nishimura; Shukou Murase
(Warning: Possible Spoilers)
Vincent's journey through the harsh and cold environment has caused the deaths of everyone on the Rabbit except for himself and Pino.  They wind up in the middle of a war between an AutoReiv army and humans and get captured by the humans.  The soldiers give Vincent food and water and offer to fix his ship in exchange for his help in the fight.  When they hear of the light that Pino saw, they tell them of stories about a monster that lives underground and appears with the light.  When two soldiers are killed that night, Vincent is accused of their murder and put in jail with Pino next to a crazy woman.  While in the cell the AutoReivs invade the city and force the humans to withdraw.  The monster appears in the detention center and a battle between her and the Proxy from Romdo erupts.  In the aftermath, a mysterious man walks up to an unconscious Vincent.
  Name   Role
  Jonathan Klein   Director
  Shukou Murase   Director
  Daiki Nishimura   Director
  Dai Sato   Writer
Guest Stars
  Name   Role
No Guest Stars on file for this episode.

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