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Existence ~ "cytotropism"
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Show: Ergo Proxy
Episode Title: Existence ~ "cytotropism"
Alternate Title(s): Cytotropism
Sonzai (Japanese)
存在 (Japanese)
First Aired: 13 May 2006
Episode No: 10
Overall No: Episode 10 of 23
Season: 1
Writer: Dai Sato
Directors: Jonathan Klein; Shukou Murase; Mitsuhiro Yoneda
(Warning: Possible Spoilers)
Daedalus has been relieved of duty when his dealings with Re-l and the dead Proxy are discovered.  Raul watches him as he mopes about without his raison d'ętre.  Raul discovers also that the council are the ones that sent the AutoReivs to kill Re-l.  A power outage takes place within the city and Raul makes the connection with it and Daedalus.  He makes an appointment with him and, with the entourages out of the way, talks to him about his studies into the dead Proxy and that fact that he knows Re-l is still alive.  He offers to reinstate the doctor in exchange for him giving all of his research results to Raul.
  Name   Role
  Jonathan Klein   Director
  Shukou Murase   Director
  Dai Sato   Writer
  Mitsuhiro Yoneda   Director
Guest Stars
  Name   Role
No Guest Stars on file for this episode.

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