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Show: Texhnolyze
Episode Title: Forfeiture
First Aired: 23 Apr 2003
Episode No: 2
Overall No: Episode 2 of 22
Season: 1
(Warning: Possible Spoilers)
After his arm is cut off Ichise goes into a rage and attacks the woman responsible.  Before he can get to her they cut off his leg as well.  Oonishi the head of Organo sees the aftermath of this.  He lets Ichise live because of his fighting spirit.  Ichise is able to crawl away.  Elsewhere Yoshii and the Elder of Gabe talk about his coming and what it means.  Yoshii tells him that there is no real reason for him coming.  When Yoshii leaves, the Elder asks him to take the train to the city with Ran.  Ran, it is revealed, can see into one possible future a short distance.  Oonishi arranges for a spectacle for his men who are getting restless - especially after the trouble with the Elder.  Later, near his end, Ichise is met by Doc and taken for her research.
Additional Summaries
Warning: Possible Spoilers
By Animetique (3/12/2008)
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