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Show: Texhnolyze
Episode Title: Texhnophile
First Aired: 30 Apr 2003
Episode No: 3
Overall No: Episode 3 of 22
Season: 1
(Warning: Possible Spoilers)
While Ichise is out, he remembers some of his childhood where his father was tortured and hanged.  His mother later got sick and died.  After she died, he got some of her cells from the hospital which he keeps with him in a small vial.  He wakes to see that he is in Doc's lab.  He learns that she is creating limbs for him.  He gets mad when he finds out that she used his mother's cells to do so.  Elsewhere, an assassination attempt on Oonishi fails.  Before killing the men, Oonishi tells them that Kimata, their leader, is Texhnolyzed.
Additional Summaries
Warning: Possible Spoilers
By Animetique (3/12/2008)
  Name   Role
No Crew on file for this episode.
Guest Stars
  Name   Role
  Gina Grad   Michiko Hirota
  Jonathan C Osborne   Assassin
  Erica Shaffer   Mother
  Masato Hunaki   Assassin
  Yukie Maeda   Mother
  Kumiko Sakuma   Michiko Hirota

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