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Ah! My Goddess! - Episode Guide

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Episode Guide    (Warning: Possible Spoliers)
1 Ah! You're a Goddess!      SCG
Kimi wa Megami-sama? (Japanese)
キミは女神さまっ? (Japanese)
Air Date: 6 Jan 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 1
Synopsis: Keiichi Morisato attends a university where he has the general run of bad luck.  He's constantly late for classes and he is always "volunteered" by his dorm mates for cleanup duty.  One night, he dials a number on the phone for a dorm mate and gets a wrong number.  It's the Goddess Hotline.  When a beautiful girl shows up, appearing through a mirror on the wall, things start to get little strange - especially when she informs Keiichi that she can grant him one wish.
2 Ah! Those Who Believe Will Find Salvation!      SCG
Ah! Can the One Who Believes be Saved?
「ああっ信じる者は救われるっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Shinjiru Mono ha Tsuwareru (Japanese)
Air Date: 13 Jan 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 2
Synopsis: Unsure of what to believe, Keiichi tries to figure out if this is for real or a prank put on by his dorm mates.  When asked about his wish again, he wishes that Belldandy, the goddess, would stay by his side forever.  When the Ultimate Force System grants the wish, he gets kicked out of his all-male dorm.  Now they must find a place to live.
3 Ah! Apprenticeship, Home, and the Goddess!      SCG
Ah! Studying, My Family, and a Goddess!
「ああっ修行と我が家と女神さまっ」 (Japanese)
Aa! Shuugyou to Wagake to Megami-sama! (Japanese)
Air Date: 20 Jan 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 3
Synopsis: A strange wind leads Keiichi and Belldandy to a temple.  They get food and shelter in exchange for performing duties around the temple.  The priest decides that must leave on a trip for enlightenment and leaves the care of the temple to Keiichi and Belldandy.
4 Ah! The Queen and the Goddess      SCG
「ああっ女王さまと女神さまっ」 (Japanese)
Ah! Joou-sama to Megami-sama! (Japanese)
Air Date: 27 Jan 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 4
Synopsis: When Belldandy goes to class with Keiichi, most of the male population notice her.  This causes Sayoko Mishima, self proclaimed queen on campus, some grief, especially since she once turned down a date with Keiichi.  She decides that she will dig a little into Belldandy's status as a student to find out more about her.
5 Ah! Living Under One Roof Together!      SCG
「ああっひとつ屋根の下でっ」 (Japanese)
Aa! Hitotsu Yane no Shita de! (Japanese)
Air Date: 3 Feb 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 5
Synopsis: When Belldandy goes to get some papers that Keiichi left at home, Sayoko tells Keiichi that he needs to quit acting so childish about Belldandy.  Keiichi decides to start acting a little more romantic around Belldandy when they get home.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
6 Ah! A Blessing in Every Bargain?      SCG
Ah! Unexpectedly Finding Something Blessed?
「ああっ掘り出しものに恵アリっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Hori Dashi Mono ni Megumi Ari? (Japanese)
Air Date: 10 Feb 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 6
Synopsis: Megumi, Keiichi's little sister, shows up at the temple and asks to stay for a while until she can find a place to live.  Keiichi reluctantly agrees but wants to find her a place as soon as possible.  When they find one that matches Megumi's wish list perfectly, Keiichi and Belldandy discover that is is haunted by an Earth spirit.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
7 Ah! The Place to Express Your Feelings      SCG
「ああっ想い伝える場所っ」 (Japanese)
Aa! Omoi tsutaeru bashou! (Japanese)
Air Date: 17 Feb 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 7
Synopsis: When Belldandy learns about Valentine's Day customs from Megumi, she makes a chocolate heart for Keiichi.  Before she gives it to him, she remembers that she needs to find a romantic place first.  She asks Sayoko about how to find a romantic place and she sends her to Toshiyuki Aoshima, the lady's man on campus.  Toshiyuki takes Belldandy to a hotel room and tries to have his way with her.
8 Ah! Taking an Examination of Love, Starting With a Deviation Value of 30!      SCG
「ああっ偏差値30からの恋愛受験っ」 (Japanese)
Aa! Hensatsuchi Sanjuu kara no Renai Juken! (Japanese)
Air Date: 24 Feb 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 8
Synopsis: When Belldandy starts sneazing, Keiichi goes to a pharmacy to get her medication.  The pharmacist also gives him a video.  When he plays it, a mysterious woman shows up who looks a lot like the pharmacist.  It turns out that she is Urd, Belldandy's older sister, who wants to advance Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship along.  She tries this by tricking him into taking a love potion and sending him to see Belldandy.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
9 Ah! The Secret of the Queen and the Goddess      SCG
「ああっ女王さまと女神のヒミツっ」 (Japanese)
Aa! Joou-sama to Megami no Himitsu! (Japanese)
Air Date: 3 Mar 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 9
Synopsis: When a beauty contest involving Sayoko, Belldandy and Urd shows the later two performing some interesting "tricks", Sayoko wants to know more (especially since she loses to Belldandy).  It is revealed in the show that Urd falls alseep when she hears Enka music.  In order to get her information, she teams with Toshiyuki and kidnaps Keiichi.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
10 Ah! Can the Motor Club Win?      SCG
Ah! Will the Auto Club Win?
「ああっ自動車部は勝てますかっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Jidoushabu wa Katemasuka? (Japanese)
Air Date: 10 Mar 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 10
Synopsis: In order to get revenge, Toshiyuki forms a new Auto Club on campus.  His plan is to get the Auto Club to disband.  Belldandy accepts the new Four Wheels Club's challenge of a race.  Keiichi and Belldandy must overcome many obstacles, including sabotage, in order to win.
11 Ah! A Devil Comes and Bestows Misfortune?      SCG
Ah! A Devil Has Come and is Creating Calamity!
「ああっ悪魔が来たりて災いを成すっ」 (Japanese)
Aa! Akuma ga Kitarite Wazawai wo Nasu! (Japanese)
Air Date: 17 Mar 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 11
Synopsis: When Tamiya and Otaki buy a "Demons" CD from a pawn shop, they inadventantly release the demon Marller.  This is a demon that Belldandy and Urd had once sealed.  Marller, wanting revenge on the two goddesses, disguises herself as a Tanuki statue in Keiichi's room.  She turns Keiichi into a scooter and the two goddesses must work to find Marller in order to get Keiichi back to normal.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
12 Ah! Choosing Between the Goddess and the Queen      SCG
Ah! Compare and Contrast Goddesses and Queens?
「ああっ女神と女王を天秤にかけてっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Megumi to Joou wo Tenbin ni Kakete? (Japanese)
Air Date: 24 Mar 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 12
Synopsis: Marller gets Sayoko to join with her in a plan to get Belldandy to leave Earth.  Sayoko agrees and her part of the deal is to get the Demons CD for Marller.  Marller then uses a spell to get Keiichi's heart balance to be fixed on Sayoko.  When Keiichi alienates Belldandy in front of Sayoko, she leaves and begins to wonder if Keiichi wants her around any more.  She begins to realize that is much more than just the contract that makes her want to stay.  Meanwhile, Keiichi's ideas of a date are not what Sayoko has in mind and her actions cause Keiichi's heart to fall back in alignment.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
13 Ah! An Exchange Diary With the Goddess?      S
「ああっ女神と交換日記っ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Megami to Koukan Nikki? (Japanese)
Air Date: 31 Mar 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 13
Synopsis: This episode recaps the first twelve episodes.
14 Ah! Who Does Onee-sama Belong to?      SCG
「ああっお姉さまっは誰のモノっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Onee-sama wa Dare no Mono? (Japanese)
Air Date: 7 Apr 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 14
Synopsis: Skuld sees a flurry of bugs in the Ultimate Force System and investigates.  When she sees that they all center around Belldandy, her big sister, she heads to Earth to get her to return to Heaven.  When confronted about a machine that Skuld had invented that would zap all the bugs, Skuld has to admit that she can use it.  Just before starting up, Urd smacks a bug into the machine, destroying it.  Later, after Belldandy finally agrees to return home, Skuld realizes how much she want to stay with Keiichi.  She repairs the machine with Keiichi in order thay she may stay.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
15 Ah! Teaching a Lesson Called Competition      SCG
Ah! Teaching Practice By the Name of Confrontation!
「ああっ対決という名の教育実習っ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Taiketsu To Iu Na No Kyouiku Jisshuu! (Japanese)
Air Date: 14 Apr 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 15
Synopsis: Skuld, amazed at the primitive construction of Keiichi's bike, rebuilds it more powerful than before.  When Megumi shows up, she is impressed with her knowledge of what she's done.  She is, however, put off by her comment that the frame can't handle the additional power - especially when Megumi is proved right.  In order to solve the disagreement between Megumi and Skuld, the Auto Club propose a competition.  Megumi and Skuld are to build robots and compete against each other.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
16 Ah! Captivated by a Goddess?      SCG
Ah! My Heart Was Stolen By a Goddess!
「ああっ女神に心奪われてっ」 (Japanese)
Aa! Megumi ni Kokoro Ubawarete! (Japanese)
Air Date: 21 Apr 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 16
Synopsis: Skuld, seeing how her sister Belldandy works at cooking and cleaning, builds a robot to help her called Banpei-kun RX.  Banpei is programmed to help Belldandy and to ward off attacks by demons such as Marller.  Banpei takes his programming a little to seriously though as he also fends off the rest of the household when they get too close to Belldany.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
17 Ah! Misfortune Arrives and the Tea Stalk Stands Upright?      SCG
Ah! Catastrophe Arrives. An Auspicious Sign Stands?
「ああっ災い来たりて茶柱立つっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Wazawai Kitari te Chabashira Tsu? (Japanese)
Air Date: 28 Apr 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 17
Synopsis: Marller finds a bad luck spirit and takes over Megumi's body.  The Earth Spirit that lives in Megumi's house is turned into a teddy bear and takes off to warn Keiichi and the rest.  Megumi (as Marller) gets the bad luck spirit to attack Keiichi.  What she doesn't realize is that Keiichi, earlier, had an upright tea stalk in his drink - a portend of good luck.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
18 Ah! What Are Talent and Hard Work?      SCG
Ah! What Are Ability and Effort?
「ああっ才能と努力って何ですかっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Sainou to Doryoku Te, Nan Desu Ka? (Japanese)
Air Date: 5 May 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 18
Synopsis: The Auto Club's only female member Sora is entered into a go-cart race.  She doesn't want to do it becauase she is afraid of failure.  Keiichi and Belldandy take her in to help train her on driving a go-cart.  With a lot of work, they succeed, mainly because Sora realizes that Keiichi also has to work hard at what he does and is not a "natural" like she thinks.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
19 Ah! The Fated Confession is Under the Moon?      SCG
Ah! Fated Confession in the Moonlight?
「ああっ運命の告白は月の下でっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Unmei no Kokuhaku wa Tsuki no Shita de? (Japanese)
Air Date: 12 May 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 19
Synopsis: When Megumi gives Keiichi two hotel vouchers by the beach, he and Belldandy go for some time alone.  What really happens is Urd and Skuld come along also.  Urd's purpose there is to advance their relationship by getting Keiichi to tell Belldandy his feeling for her.  That is the last thing that Skuld wants though and she does all in her power to stop it.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
20 Ah! Please Don't Look at Me Like That!      SCG
Ah! Don't Gaze At Me With Those Eyes?
「ああっそんな瞳でみつめないでっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Sonna Hitomi de Mitsumenaide? (Japanese)
Air Date: 19 May 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 20
Synopsis: Once again Urd wants Keiichi and Belldandy's relation to speed along and so she creates love crystals.  Skuld finds out and inserts some of her own ingredients into the mix.  When Belldandy eats the crystals nothing seems to happen.  Later though she start behaving quit a bit more agressively toward Keiichi.  Keiichi isn't sure whether he should be happy about this or concerned.
21 Ah! Save the Goddess, If You're a Man!?      SCG
「ああっ女神を救えっオトコならっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Megami wo Sukue! Otoko Nara!? (Japanese)
Air Date: 26 May 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 21
Synopsis: When Urd and Skuld have to return to Heaven for work, Keiichi and Belldandy are left alone.  Skuld, not wanting anything to happen while she's away, makes a flan for Keiichi which turns him into a girl.  Belldandy and Keiichi try to turn him back but he drops an ingredient which cause Belldandy to get sick.  To make things worse, Skuld invited Megumi and some of the Auto Club over.  When Belldandy gets worse, Keiichi is able to somehow call Heaven and tell Urd about her sister.  They have to use wind crystals to cure her and it's up to Keiichi to get them to her.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
22 Ah! What Wouldn't I Give for an Angel With White Wings?      SC
Ah! The One I Yearn For Is A White-Winged Angel!
「ああっ憧れは白い翼の天使っ」 (Japanese)
Aa! Akogare wa Shiroi Tsubasa no Tenshi! (Japanese)
Air Date: 2 Jun 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 22
Synopsis: Urd gives Skuld a hard time as she tries to short cut learning magic.  Skuld is trying to learn so that she can get her own angel like Belldandy.  Urd remembers when she and Belldandy were younger and the time that she got her angel.  She is ashamed of her angel.  An angel reflects the inner soul and her's appears white and black reflecting her helf demon heritage.  When Urd makes a machine to amplify her powers, chaos breaks out and Belldandy can't control it.  It's up to Urd to call forth the angel that she banished and stop the madess.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
23 Ah! A Devil's Whisper, Along With A Pot?      SCG
「ああっ悪魔のささやきは壺と共にっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Akuma no Sasayaki wa Tsubo to Tomo ni? (Japanese)
Air Date: 16 Jun 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 23
Synopsis: Marller has found an urn containing the demon called The Lord of Terror.  The demon is working on Urd, who last episode got her goddess license revoked for fifty years, to accept the demon and become The Lord of Terror.  When everything seems to go wrong, Urd finally accepts the demon.  She and Marller attack Skuld, Belldandy and Keiichi.  Marller is about to seal Belldandy when Keiichi steps in the way.  When Belldandy awakes before she can seal her, Marller leaves with Keiichi.
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
24 Ah! The Savior, Together With the Sound of a Flute?      CG
「ああっ救世主は笛の音と共にっ?」 (Japanese)
Aa! Kyuuseishu wa Fue no Oto to Tomo Ni? (Japanese)
Air Date: 23 Jun 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 24
25 Ah! Iím Always With You      CG
Aa! Itsumo Kimi to Tomo ni? (Japanese)
ああっいつもキミと共にっ? (Japanese)
Air Date: 7 Jul 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 25
  Director: Hiroaki Goda
26 Ah! Urd's Little Romance      CG
Ah! Urd's Small Love Story
Aa! Urd no chiisana koi monogatari (Japanese)
ああっウルドの小さな恋物語っ (Japanese)
Air Date: Never Aired  
Season: 1   Episode: 26
27 Ah! Is My Heart Pounding Because I'm a Grownup?      CG
Ah! Being an Adult Is Heart-Throbbing?
Aa! Doki doki wa otona no aji (Japanese)
ああっドキドキは大人の味っ? (Japanese)
Air Date: Never Aired  
Season: 1   Episode: 27
Total Episodes:   27 

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