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Grenadier - Episode Guide

Episode List   Episode Guide
Episode Guide    (Warning: Possible Spoliers)
1 The Smiling Senshi      S
Air Date: 14 Oct 2004  
Season: 1   Episode: 1
Synopsis: Yajiro is a mercenary hired to help save the life of a sensei held in a castle by a group of gun masters.  The gunmen overwhelm the ninja with their firepower and Yajiro escapes.  On the run, the comes across a girl in a hot spring who help hide him in a not so unpleasant way from his pursuers.  The girl is called Rushuna and she makes her way to the castle to try her form of battling - to win by taking away the opponent's will to fight - by smiling.  She discovers that this won't work for these guys though and so she displays some very impressive gun fighting skills as well as an unique method of reloading her weapon to save the sensei from the bad guys.
2 Rushuna Under Attack      S
Air Date: 21 Oct 2004  
Season: 1   Episode: 2
Synopsis: Yajiro and Rushuna travel together when they are attacked.  It appears that their attackers are after Rushuna due to a reward notice about a long blonde haired monster.  She disarms the attackers and heads to the nearest village.  She later runs into the monster herself and is impressed with the weird type of weapon it has, she barely escapes by falling over a cliff but not before she discovers that the monster is really armor driven by a young boy.  Yajiro and Rushuna meet up again in an inn and when she sees a picture of the king she tells everyone that he's the monster.  No one believes her since the king is so kind and benevolent.  Later, the king tells Jester that he's been seen and Jester goes to take care ...   more
3 Enlightened Evil      S
Air Date: 28 Oct 2004  
Season: 1   Episode: 3
Synopsis: Rushuna takes on the castle and confronts the king.  She discovers that the king had given up his growth (that's why he still looks seven when he's seventeen) in order to protect his country.  He has been using the armor to build power to frighten the other countries into staying away.  Evidently Jester gave him this ability years ago.  Rushuna is able to use her smile (and a few bullets) to finally overcome the king and talk some sense into him.  Jester is not happy that the armor has been destroyed.  Meanwhile, Tenshi is informed what her pupil has done and is also not happy.
Air Date: 4 Nov 2004  
Season: 1   Episode: 4
Synopsis: Yajiro and Rushuna arrive in a town with no money and no food.  They try to perform for money but no one seems interested.  Come to find out, the town is "protected" by senshi that run things very harshly.  It eventually comes down to a confrontation between Rushuna and the boss.  What makes matters worse is that the boss has a wanted poster for her on him.
Air Date: 11 Nov 2004  
Season: 1   Episode: 5
Synopsis: Yajiro and Rushuna arrive a a nice looking palace in the middle of nowhere.  They discover that it is a brothel but stay anyway.  A young girl named Mikan attempts to steal Rushuna's gun but she's able to get it back.  Then Touka, the governess of the establishment attacks Rushuna seeing the reward poster for her.  Touka is one of the twelve guards of Tenchi called Juttensen and she and Rushuna fight.  Rushuna gets the upper hand when she notices that Touka is starting to slow down.  She surrenders to her in front of the girls in the palace and Touka realizes that Rushuna is not the bad person indicated by the wanted poster and they become friends.  A group of men arrive at the brothel just then demanding ...   more
Air Date: 18 Nov 2004  
Season: 1   Episode: 6
Synopsis: Mikan recognized the leader of the men as Ganzo, the man who killed her parents and so runs after him.  Rushuna heads out to keep her from exacting revenge on him so that she will not have to live with the killing of the man.  She has to confront the man in the cannon and soon runs out of bullets.  Yajiro shows up with more ammo and Rushuna is able to destroy the armor.  Mikan grabs Rushuna's gun and goes up to kill the leader but Rushuna's words come back to her and she stops short of killing him.
7 Destination Tento      S
Air Date: 25 Nov 2004  
Season: 1   Episode: 7
Synopsis: Mikan joins Yajiro and Rushuna as they start their jounry to Tento to meet with Tenshi in person and sort out the problem with the wanted notice.  On the way they are met by another of the Juttensen named Souma Sanzo.  He uses sound to disorient Rushuna but she is able to counter it and defeat him.  The trio head out again on their journey to Tento.  Later Jester shows up to finish Souma off.
Air Date: 2 Dec 2004  
Season: 1   Episode: 8
Synopsis: The trio are travelling over the mountains when they are met by yet another Juttensen named Teppa Aizen.  Teppa is an old "friend" of Rushuna's but now he is given the job of killing her.  With Mikan and Yajiro watching, they fight.  Teppa uses his adamantine cloth to good effect by Rushuna emerges victorious.  She invites Teppa to travel with them but he refuses.  Later, Jester again shows up to finish Teppa off but Teppa disappears just before he's shot.  Rushuna and Mikan are taking a hotsprings bath when it starts to snow.  They all realize that this will make the journey through the mountains harder.
Air Date: 9 Dec 2004  
Season: 1   Episode: 9
Synopsis: Yajiro becomes increasingly quite as the trio cross the mountains.  He remembers his comrades when they tried to take on Tenshi and how a girl he knew fell to her death.  The group arrive at a small shack and Rushuna and Mikan take a bath.  Yajiro outside sees who he thinks is the woman he let fall, Fuuka.  She attacks him and moves on to the shack.  Rushuna has a hard time battling her since she's wearing a balloon suit while her regular clothes dry.  When she faces off with Fuuka, Yajiro shows up and tries to talk her out of killing Rushuna.  Jester then arrives and tells everyone how he saved Fuuka with Enlightened Evil and that if Rushuna removes her armor she'll die.  Fuuka makes a decision to stand ...   more
10 Entering Tento      S
Air Date: 16 Dec 2004  
Season: 1   Episode: 10
Synopsis: Rushuna, Yajiro and Mikan are entering Tento by boat and the driver tells them of the failed attempt on Tenshi years before.  As it turns out, the driver is a Juttensen and attacks Rushuna.  Rushuna able to overcome her attacker but once again Jester shows up to finish him off.  Later the trio enter the capital.
11 Showdown with Tenshi      S
Air Date: 6 Jan 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 11
Synopsis: Rushuna follows Yajiro's suggestion to take a bath and Teppa, who they meet on the street, makes a great suggestion about where to go.  Yajiro disappears and Mikan realizes that he's going after Tenshi by himself.  He heads down through the tunnels with the help of a woman that was a part of the original plan he and the other swordsmen had to overthrough Tenshi.  Mikan loses their trail and heads up.  Not knowing what to do, she sends off a balloon to somewhere.  Finally, Rushuna realizes what's going on and so she and Teppa arrive at the palace where she walks up to the front gates.  The Jester congratulates her on making it and calls her the Grenadier - the top ranking senshi.  She is not too sure that she ...   more
Air Date: 13 Jan 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 12
Synopsis: Rushuna learns the truth about Tenshi, that one of her doubles has taken over and wants to rule the world through might.  Yajiro has found the real Tenshi in an underground cell and frees her.  Mikan's message finds it's way to Touka who arrives on a missle.  The fight begins with Touka taking on the army - with a little help from Mikan and free passes to the brothel.  Yajiro takes on Jester who they've since learned was the leader of Yajiro's swordsmen's attack years earlier.  Rushuna takes on Tenshi's double in a gun battle.  Who's teachings will win out, Tenshi's Peace or Jester's Might?
Total Episodes:   12 

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