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Texhnolyze - Episode Guide

Episode List   Episode Guide
Episode Guide    (Warning: Possible Spoliers)
1 Stranger      SEG
Air Date: 16 Apr 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 1
Synopsis: Ichise is a fighter in an underground fighting ring.  After a fight that he won he is paid a visit by a woman and, when she gets a little too weird for him, he knocks her off of him.  Due to this, he is visited by some members of Organo and they cut off his arm.  Meanwhile, a man to Lux from above.  He meets Ran and she leads him to the Elder of Gabe.
2 Forfeiture      SEG
Air Date: 23 Apr 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 2
Synopsis: After his arm is cut off Ichise goes into a rage and attacks the woman responsible.  Before he can get to her they cut off his leg as well.  Oonishi the head of Organo sees the aftermath of this.  He lets Ichise live because of his fighting spirit.  Ichise is able to crawl away.  Elsewhere Yoshii and the Elder of Gabe talk about his coming and what it means.  Yoshii tells him that there is no real reason for him coming.  When Yoshii leaves, the Elder asks him to take the train to the city with Ran.  Ran, it is revealed, can see into one possible future a short distance.  Oonishi arranges for a spectacle for his men who are getting restless - especially after the trouble with the Elder.  Later, ...   more
3 Texhnophile      SEG
Air Date: 30 Apr 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 3
Synopsis: While Ichise is out, he remembers some of his childhood where his father was tortured and hanged.  His mother later got sick and died.  After she died, he got some of her cells from the hospital which he keeps with him in a small vial.  He wakes to see that he is in Doc's lab.  He learns that she is creating limbs for him.  He gets mad when he finds out that she used his mother's cells to do so.  Elsewhere, an assassination attempt on Oonishi fails.  Before killing the men, Oonishi tells them that Kimata, their leader, is Texhnolyzed.
4 Synapse      SEG
Air Date: 7 May 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 4
Synopsis: Yoshii gives an explanation about the state of things in Lux.  It was once ruled by the Elder of Gabe but has since switched to Organo.  The average people in Lux have lost their ability to heal correctly and are getting sick and weak.  The upper class have isolated themselves from the rest.  Meanwhile, Doc explains to Ichise all about how the Texhnolyze process works.  It connects to the nervous system through a mined substance called Rafia.  Ichise leaves the lab and, as he's walking down the street, passes by Ran.
5 Loiter      SEG
Air Date: 14 May 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 5
Synopsis: Ichise is still having a difficult time adjusting to his new limbs.  Ran follows him around the city watching.  Doc asks Oonishi to help find Ichise for her.  Yoshii continues to gather information about the city and it's people.  He talks with a prostitute and Doc.
6 Repetition      SEG
Air Date: 21 May 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 6
Synopsis: Ichise sees the man who cut his arm off and attacks him.  After doing some major damage, more men arrive and knock him out.  He awakens in a cell and proceeds to pound on the walls until Doc arrives.  She fixes his Texhnolyzed parts and puts the out shells on them so they look more natural and he is allowed by Oonishi to leave.
7 Plot      SEG
Air Date: 28 May 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 7
Synopsis: Ichise runs into Shinji and his gang and they want him to join since he went up against Organo and still lives.  Ran keeps following him.
8 Crucible      SEG
Air Date: 4 Jun 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 8
Synopsis: Someone murders four of the Organo men.  Blaming the Alliance for it, Oonishi sends a delegate trying to stave off conflict.  He says that the city doesn't want a Spectacle right now.  The delegate is killed causing some of the Organo men to retaliate on their own.  They burn down the building where the Alliance headquarters are.  At the same time, Yoshii plants a bomb inside Kenji's hideaway which goes off killing many of his men.  Now a powder keg has been lit and three sides are against each other.  Into to melee stumbles Ichise with Ran close behind.
9 Wiggle      SEG
Air Date: 11 Jun 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 9
Synopsis: Yoshii has succeeded in started a three-way war between the Alliance, the Organo and Shinji's people.  Because of the debacle, Oonishi is under fire from the factions within the Organo.  Yoshii, trying to escalate the Spectacle, kills Oonishi's wife.
10 Conclusion      SEG
Air Date: 25 Jun 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 10
Synopsis: Yoshii takes Kenji with Sakimura and shows him the visitor from the Class.  He is about to kill him when Oonishi arrives to warn him.  Kenji takes off as Yoshii and Oonishi begin to fight.  Ichise becomes involved after Oonishi is wounded.  He knocks Yoshii off the top floor.  As he tries to crawl away, Sakimura shoots him.
11 Vagrant      SEG
Air Date: 2 Jul 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 11
Synopsis: Oonishi recovers in the hospital while other factions of the Organo attempt to take over his position.  Ichise, now working for one of the Organo's factions, helps track down the man that bombed the excavation site under the obelisk.
12 Precognition      SEG
Air Date: 16 Jul 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 12
Synopsis: Ichise has been "given" to Oonishi.  He deals with memories of his father and how he was set up and killed.  When Ichise sees Ran, who refuses to look at him anymore, he discovers that she has seen his future and doesn't like what she's seen.  Later, he goes to the fighting matches that he once participated in and sees the man that set his father up.
13 Vista      SG
Air Date: 23 Jul 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 13
Synopsis: Oonishi travels to Gabe to hear what the seer has to say about the situation.  While there, Ichise sees a suspicious man in a warehouse that holds a lot of weapons.  Later, Ichise sees Ran, the seer, and asks her what she's seen in his future.  She tells him that he destroys everything and that he ends up alone.  Oonishi asks about the weapons but the leaders of Gabe will not say what or who they are for.  Before they leave, Oonishi takes some of the weapons with his.  On the back they are betrayed by one of their members but Ichise is able to save Oonishi from his bullet.
14 Rejection      SG
Air Date: 30 Jul 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 14
Synopsis: Doc calls to get Ichise to her place so she can repair his hand.  She knocks him out afterwards and he awakens to find them heading to the Hill.  She is returning to the Class with her data that will cause a breakthrough at her home.  They discover, once they arrive, that her return is not as heralded as she had hoped.  They barely escape the defenses and head back to the city on foot.  On the way back, they are attacked by some members of the Organo but Ichise is able to stop them.
15 Shapes      SG
Air Date: 13 Aug 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 15
Synopsis: Oonishi is visited by one of the Class and he is imobilize during the meeting.  Meanwhile Michiko meets with Shinji on the sly.  Shinji's girlfriend Yoko and Hal see this and Yoko tries to make him jealous, to no avail.  Hal sees what she's doing is is upset by it.  Rumors continue to spread throughout about people going missing from the Racan, the Alliance and the Organo and sightings of a ghost keep happening.  Hal leaves with a portion of the Racan.  Elsewhere a large portion of the Alliance leave as well stating that they'va had a change in philosophy from their leader.  Infighting in the Organo continues also with Ichise right along with it.  Oonishi visits Doc and tells her about his visitor from ...   more
16 Strain      SG
Air Date: 20 Aug 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 16
Synopsis: Ichise goes to visit the Great Father with others of the Organo.  They are attacked along they way and Ichise finds out there's a traitor in their midst.  He tells Ichise that this is the way things are done.  He finally arrives to visit the Great Father and there things get crazy.  Cyborg looking creatures attack with strange energy weapons and it's all Ichise can do to get him out alive.  They meet up with the ousted Oonishi and his men in the parking garage who are able to knock out the Shapes following them.  The Great Father gets on the train and allows Oonishi to use his men as he will.  At that time a similar thing happens to those who have been texhnolyzed that happened to Oonishi before and they are ...   more
17 Dependence      SG
Air Date: 3 Sep 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 17
Synopsis: The Shapes continue their rampage through the city.  The Shapes are the missing people who have been grafted onto Texhnolyzed bodies.  Hal shows up where Shinji and Yoko are and they wind up fighting.  Shinji kills Hal and burns his body in a car.  Talking to Doc, Ichise learns that she never put his mother's cells into his Texhnolyzed limbs but that she put her own into them.
18 Throne      SG
Air Date: 10 Sep 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 18
Synopsis: Ran visions show everything spinning out of control.  Oonishi heads to the Hill to talk to the elders there.  Shinji joins him.  What they discover is madness.  Later, Oonishi tells Doc and Ichise that they must head to the surface.
19 Heavenward      SG
Air Date: Never Aired  
Season: 1   Episode: 19
Synopsis: Doc and Ichise arrive at the surface.  They walk through fields under a bright sun with houses scattered around the countryside.  A little girl talking in a man's voice gives them a short history lesson on the people above ground and those below in Lux.
20 Hades      SG
Air Date: Never Aired  
Season: 1   Episode: 20
Synopsis: Ichise and Doc come to the realization that everyone above ground is dead already.  They're just waiting for it to become permanent.  Doc, realizing that she's the same, stays while Ichise heads back to Lux.  Ichise meets his father's ghost on the way and tells him that he now knows he was framed.  Toyama and several other Shapes run the train into the barriers collapsing the tunnel underground.  He kills the other Shapes and tells Ichise that Ran has been taken by Kano.  He then tells Ichise that he admires him too much and that is why he must kill him.  The two battle at the entrance to the tunnel.
21 Encephalopathy      SG
Air Date: 17 Sep 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 21
Synopsis: Ichise makes his way back to Lux through the air vent helped by Sakimura who has returned to the dead world above.  He discovers that his limbs no longer work.  After he arrives underground he is told that Oonishi has done something to the obelisk to cause the power to cease.  Shinji goes back to the Hill and attempts to kill everyone in the Class.  After killing several, he is killed and then his killed turns the gun on himself.  Oonishi hears a Ran's voice as he approaches the obelisk telling him to kill her.  He stabs the obelisk with his sword as the crowd of people behind him open fire on him.  All this happens just as Ichise shows up.
22 Myth      SG
Air Date: 24 Sep 2003  
Season: 1   Episode: 22
Synopsis: Ichise, somehow getting power to his limbs, lays into the men that shot down Oonishi.  He makes his way toward Kano and sees many of the Shapes around town.  With the power down all of them are still, their human heads still function somewhat as their bodies grow into the ground.  Ichise confronts Kano and discovers what has become of Ran.
Total Episodes:   22 

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