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Doctor Who - Episode Guide

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Episode Guide    (Warning: Possible Spoliers)
1 Rose      SCGP
Air Date: 26 Mar 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 1
Synopsis: Rose meets the Doctor when threatened by shop dummies in the basement of the department store she works in.  She runs home after her experiences as the Doctor blows up the top floors of the building.  She sees him again the next day as he tracks down an maniquin's arm from the shop.  Rose does some research and finds that there are some mysteries surrounding the Doctor.  She joins up with him after her boyfriend Mickey is replaced by a plastic replica and attacks her and the Doctor.  They travel in the TARDIS to London in order to destroy the Nestene Consciousness controlling things.  Rose helps to destroy the Consciousness with the Doctor's anti-plastic and then joins him in the TARDIS to travel about in time ...   more
Writer: Russell T Davies   Director: Keith Boak
2 The End of the World      SCGP
Air Date: 2 Apr 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 2
Synopsis: The Doctor shows the capabilities of his TARDIS by taking Rose to 5 billion AD.  He shows her the day that the Earth's sun goes nova.  Things start to go wrong on the space station and the shields drop.  The creatures on board in are in danger but the Doctor is able to restore shield power in time to save most of them.  Rose is unsure of the wisdom in joining the Doctor.
Writer: Russell T Davies   Director: Euros Lyn
3 The Unquiet Dead      SCGP
Air Date: 9 Apr 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 3
Synopsis: The Doctor takes Rose back through time to 1869.  But in Victorian Cardiff, the dead have been reanimated.  The Doctor and Rose meet Charles Dickens and they are able to talk to the possesors of these people, the Gelth, with Gwyneth's help.  When the Doctor learns that the Gelth are victims of the Time War, he agrees to help them come through the time rift to inhabit the dead bodies of humans.  Once they start to come over though, they have other plans.  The TARDIS crew are able to get away after Gwyneth sacrifices herself to save the planet.
Writer: Mark Gatiss   Director: Euros Lyn
4 Aliens of London      SCGPR
Air Date: 16 Apr 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 4
Synopsis: The Doctor takes Rose home but they appear a year after they originally left by mistake.  Rose's mother has been frantic and we learn that Mickey, her boyfriend, has been questioned in the matter of Rose's disappearance several times.  A spaceship crash-lands in the Thames and the Prime Minister is nowhere to be seen.  The next in command takes over but he and his confidants are not what they seem.  The Doctor investigates the alien survivor of the crash to find that it is a super evolved pig, perhaps as a sort of joke.  The Doctor and Rose go to Downing Street and discover that the Slytheen have taken over.
Writer: Russell T Davies   Director: Keith Boak
5 World War Three      SCGPR
Air Date: 23 Apr 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 5
Synopsis: The Slytheen, it turns out, are not the race but the family of aliens that have arrived on Earth.  They plan on, with the help of humans, turning the Earth into radioactive debris that can then be sold off for profit.  The Doctor, with the help of Mickey, launches a missile at 10 Downing Street thwarting the plans of the Slytheen.
Writer: Russell T Davies   Director: Keith Boak
6 Dalek      SCGPR
Air Date: 30 Apr 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 6
Synopsis: The Doctor and Rose arrive in Utah in 2012 in an underground museum of alien technology.  They are apprehended and confronted by van Statten, the owner of these artifacts.  Upon learning the Doctor is an alien they place him in a room with a "metaltron" to see if he can come up with answers for it's mysterious existence.  The "metaltron" turns out to be a Dalek, the last survivor of its race from the Time War between Daleks and Time Lords.  The Dalek is able to use Rose's DNA to rebuild itself and a battle between the last Dalek and the last Time Lord ensues.  When Rose is captured, the Doctor goes out to destroy the Dalek.  He is confronted with a confused Dalek that has been "tainted" by Rose's DNA to become ...   more
Writer: Robert Shearman   Director: Joe Ahearne
7 The Long Game      SCGP
Air Date: 7 May 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 7
Synopsis: The Doctor, Rose and Adam arrive in the year 200,000 aboard a space station above Earth supposedly during the Fourth Great and Bountiful Earth  Empire.  It is soon learned that things are not going along the lines that they should.  The Doctor and Rose attempt to make it to floor 500 to investigate while Adam has other plans.  Adam gets an implant in his brain so that he can access data that would give him information when he arrives back in his own time.  He uses Rose's cell phone to send this information to his answering machine at his parent's home in his own time.  Meanwhile, the Doctor and Rose are held captive by the Editor and the Jagrafess (the mastermind of the station's workings).  With the help ...   more
Writer: Russell T Davies   Director: Brian Grant
8 Father's Day      SCGP
Air Date: 14 May 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 8
Synopsis: Rose tells the Doctor about her father and the stories her mother told her about how he died alone when she was a baby.  She wants to be there when he dies so that he doesn't die alone.  When she sees him die she can't handle it and runs away.  The Doctor, bending the laws of time, allows her a second chance but this time she saves her father causing a serious breach in the time continuum.  Because of this, reapers (cosmic bacteria) attempt to take advantage of this and clean the wound in time by destroying everything on Earth.  The Doctor and Rose hide out with her parents and the wedding party that they were attending in an old church.  When Rose holds herself as a young baby she causes a paradox and the Doctor ...   more
Writer: Paul Cornell   Director: Joe Ahearne
9 The Empty Child      SCGP
Air Date: 21 May 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 9
Synopsis: The Doctor and Rose are following an object that is in the time vortex and is heading for London.  When they arrive, about a month later, the Doctor tries to get its location by questioning people in a pub.  Rose, meanwhile, following a small child's cries for help, is accidentally stranded holding the mooring rope of a barrage balloon.  When she falls, she is saved by a seemingly American soldier in a space ship with a tractor beam.  The Doctor, leaving the pub when an air raid is sounded, hears the telephone on the TARDIS ring.  He is warned by a young girl not to answer and when he does hears a small child asking for his mummy.  He follows the girl to a house that she has broken into and is feeding homeless ...   more
Writer: Steven Moffat   Director: James Hawes
10 The Doctor Dances      SCGP
Air Date: 28 May 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 10
Synopsis: The Doctor, realizing that these "dead" people are the embodiment of the child, tells them to go to their room and they leave.  During their escape from the hospital, the Doctor recognizes Jack's sonic weapon as one from the 51st century.  After being teleported aboard Jack's ship, the Doctor recognizes that it is a Chula warship.  He also tells Jack and Rose that the ambulance that Jack was wanting to sell, has nanites onboard that are rewriting human DNA to match the human child that was killed when it crashed.  The three are able to access the ambulance where the Doctor can rewrite the nanite programming to undo the damage.  A bomb is due to land on the crash site and, just as the nanites are reprogrammed, appears.  ...   more
Writer: Steven Moffat   Director: James Hawes
11 Boom Town      SCGPR
Air Date: 4 Jun 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 11
Synopsis: The Doctor, Rose and Jack are in Cardiff eating at a diner when the Doctor discovers that the new mayor is none other than one of the Slytheen family.  She is attempting to construct a faulty nuclear facility in Cardiff.  The TARDIS crew, with Mickey's help, capture her and prepare to take her to her home planet once the TARDIS  refuels.  Jack has discovered that she has a sort of cosmic surf board on which she was going to ride the wave of nuclear destruction to outside the solar system.  While they are waiting, the Doctor takes the creature, Bonn, out to eat.  She attempts to get the Doctor to take her elsewhere since she and her whole family have the death sentence on her home planet.  The rift that the ...   more
Writer: Russell T Davies   Director: Joe Ahearne
12 Bad Wolf      SCGP
Air Date: 11 Jun 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 12
Synopsis: The Doctor, Rose and Jack find themselves in futuristic versions of twenty-first century reality game shows where the losers get vaporized.  The Doctor vows to get out and find who is responsible.  Jack is able to escape when he pulls a mini-blaster from somewhere unknown and blows his androids' heads off.  The Doctor escapes when he determines that whoever brought him there doesn't want him to die so tempts the disintegrator beam to kill him.  The Doctor and Jack meet up (along with Lynda from the Doctor's Big Brother house).  They get to the Weakest Link room just in time to see Rose get vaporized.  They are captured but escape and make their way to floor 500.  Once there they are able to communicate with ...   more
Writer: Russell T Davies   Director: Joe Ahearne
13 The Parting of the Ways      SCGPR
Air Date: 18 Jun 2005  
Season: 1   Episode: 13
Synopsis: The Doctor and Jack materialize the TARDIS around Rose and a Dalek to rescue her.  Jack destroys the Dalek once inside the TARDIS and they  head back to Satellite 5.  They prepare for the Daleks to arrive by setting up a force field around as much of the station as possible and Jack sets up defenses for when the Daleks arrive.  The Doctor gets Rose into the TARDIS and then activates it by remote, sending her back to her own time.  When she gets there she convinces her mother and Mickey to help get the TARDIS console open (as happened in Boom Town) so that she can attempt to go back and help the Doctor.  The Emperor points out to the Doctor and Jack that the Doctor's delta wave will never be focused enough to not ...   more
Writer: Russell T Davies   Director: Joe Ahearne
Total Episodes:   13 

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