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Third series of Dr Who confirmed
CBBC (newsround)
Dr Who fans will be delighted to hear that the Time Lord will be returning for a third series.

Just days before the current run of the sci-fi show is due to end, its makers have revealed that there are at least two more series to come.

On Saturday, Christopher Eccleston will make his final appearance as the Doctor with David Tennant set to take over.

In addition to two more series, there will also be Christmas specials for 2005 and 2006, the show's makers said.

That means Dr Who fans have a total of 28 more episodes to look forward to when the current series ends.

Billie Piper will continue playing Rose until at least the end of series two.

Dr Who used to be a big show when your parents were kids. It was brought back earlier this year and has been a huge hit, although some people have said it's too scary.

The show's main writer, Russell T Davies, said: "What was most pleasing is that people have been watching this series as a family.

"I think a children's show should have a full range of emotions including grief and comedy."

A few hints have also been dropped as to what viewers can expect from the new episodes.


The new doctor will have a new outfit, we'll be seeing more of Rose's boyfriend and her mum, and scary aliens called the Cybermen will be making a return.

But we don't want to tell you too much in case we spoil it!

Date Added: 6/15/2005

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