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  Grenadier - Economy Pack
  Grenadier - Premium Collection
  Grenadier Vol 1 - Service With a Smile
  My Quick Review: I've been waiting on the final volume of Twelve Kingdoms to arrive from Houston and in the meantime I got the first disk of Grenadier "Service With a Smile". This is quite a departure from the seriousness of the anime I've been watching lately. This volume introduces us to Rushuna and her travelling companion Yajiro. Rushuna is a gun expert and Yajiro is a ninja. She has been asked by her sensei Tenshi to travel around and teach that people don't always need to fight. She believes that the best way to win a battle is to take away the other person's desire to fight - mainly with a smile... When this doesn't work, she is very proficient with her weapons as well - to an unimaginable degree of accuracy. Her reloading technique is unique as well - one you would have to see to believe.

So far the stories have been building on the world the characters live in with little character development. We have seen a little of Rushuna's past learning from Tenshi and we also discover why it is that Yajiro fights with a sword and not with guns. The second and third episodes are a two-parter that introduces Clown. He has an agenda which has yet to be revealed. In episode four we learn a little bit more about Tenshi and the fact that Yajiro doesn't like her. It is questionable at this point if there is a connection with Clown and Tenshi but it looks likely that there is.

All in all this was is an enjoyable anime so far if for no other reason than it's a departure from other types of series I've been watching recently. So far I give it a 3 out of 5. Due to the fan service I wouldn't recommend this to younger audiences.

Extras on this DVD include a pre-production show aired in Japan before the series was released. Also included is a textless opening song and alternate versions of the opening and ending theme.
  Grenadier Vol 2 - Holy Handgrenades
  My Quick Review: I watched the second volume of the completely outrageous Grenadier this weekend. It's an enjoyable story so far but entirely over-the-top. We're getting a little more character development and a new character joins the main cast, Mikan. The episode pacing picks up a little also.

The trio of travellers begin their journey back to Tento to discover why it is that Tenshi has issued a warrant for Rushuna. They meet up with a few Juttensen (Tenshi's guards) on the way.

This DVD volume contains two short episodes in the "In The Meantime" Theater which are rather funny. It also has commentary with the Japanese actors for each of the four episodes.

So far I still rate this a 3 out of 5.
  Grenadier Vol 3 - Touch and Go
  My Quick Review: Grenadier volume 3 was a good ending to a lighthearted fun anime. This was enjoyable as long as the suspension of disbelief factor was turned on high. The ending battle between Rushuna and Tenshi's double was really rather good. I have to agree with what the director said on the commentary though - it was too short. It reminded me of the fight scenes in the movie Equilibrium. All-in-all a good break from the more serious anime I've been watching.

This DVD contains four episodes and has commentaries on each one. Also included is the "In The Meantime" Theater again. A making of documentary is included about the director of the show as well.

Overall series rating: 3 out of 5.

And now on to Fantastic Children…
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