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Show: Scrapped Princess (2003)  
Review by: Animetique
This summary/review is provided by and used under the Creative Commons License.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

15 years ago, the Grendel prophecy stated that a girl would be born to a queen who would destroy the world on her 16th birthday. To prevent this, the infant was to be killed as soon as she was born. However, the baby was spared and continued to live a protected existence until her father, the king, died.

Fast-forward to the present. Pacifica is the legendary 'Scrapped Princess' who has survived to this day through the protective care of her foster family. Unfortunately, both foster parents have now passed away, and Pacifica must flee her hometown under the protection of her foster siblings, D-Knight, Shannon, and skilled magician, Raquelle. With an apocalyptic curse hanging over her head, Pacifica is feared by the locals, and in particular, the Church of Mauzel, who are offering a bounty for her head.

Pacifica's character is twofold. At times she can be a spoiled brat, believing herself to be too good for household work, wishing for better food and accommodations, etc. Other times, the severity of her situation weighs in on her, such as when she dwells on how much of a burden she has become to her beloved siblings, who have sworn to protect her at all cost. If not for them, she would live a life of solitude, and she fears, lose the will to continue living. Yet, Pacifica still maintains a certain innocence about her - believing the world and its inhabitants to be generally good - while failing to grasp the true motivations of why people would believe she could be fated to destroy the world.

Because of this dual aspect to Pacifica, the anime has a peculiar irony to it - which becomes dramatically intensified when the anime introduces the real motivations at play. The followers of two gods - Mauzel and Brownin - each want to destroy the other and let their god reign supreme. Pacifica, as Scrapped Princess, holds the key to the destruction of this world under Mauzel's rule, or so the legend says.

Pacifica, a innocent girl with seemingly good intentions - who also happens to be our main character - is labeled a witch (and other such titles) and immediately thought of as evil. As viewers, we must question whether the world and its belief that Mauzel is the one true god is merely an illusion and perhaps Brownin, labeled the "devil" by most in this world, and his minions may indeed be the true god.

By taking this stance, the anime appears to a commentary of Catholicism - what if the Church imposed an "evil" god upon us, and the entity we call the "devil" may actually be the true god? What if the roles of god and the devil were reversed? And how is evil truly defined (a question that has plagued theologians and philosophers for millennia.) Yet, this is fiction, in an alternative universe, so we can play out this scenario and find out what might happen, absent of the baggage of 2000 years of Christianity (and if this makes it into the US without religious backlash, I'll be amazed!) Has this fictional church of Mauzel mixed up the "correct" message and its believers are simply pursuing an innocent girl out of fear? Or will Pacifica really destroy the world on her 16th birthday and bring about the age of darkness (or light, depending which side you're on)? Or perhaps this is simply a political endeavor that has nothing to do with the gods, but is merely brought on by arrogant men who hold fast to their beliefs as comfort for the harsh cruelties that life brings.

For an anime that plays with such heavy theological concepts, Scrapped Princess eloquently mixes the deeply philosophical with much appreciated light comedic breaks. The pacing works well - the siblings have set out on a journey through the land to escape their pursuers - all the while, never quite knowing where they'll end up or who they'll encounter along the way, and dealing with what life brings when the time comes. I highly recommend this anime!


My Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

The animation is very good, although with Bones behind it, could it be bad? The colors are crisp and vibrant and the movement is fluid.


My Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

The music is ok. It starts out with a celtic feel to it to get you in the heroic knights mood and mixes with pop.

Character Design:

My Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

The characters in SP are seemingly balanced. Pacifica is more direct and in your face. She can come off as amazingly empathetic or highly spoiled. Her siblings seems to have learned to deal with it and are generally laid back, although she and her brother tend to quarrel frequently. There is a decent amount of character development early on, unlike a lot of anime, so you tend to get a feel for who they are and why they do what they do.
Last Updated: 2/8/2007
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