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Show: Boys Be... (2000)  
Review by: Craig Burns
Boys Be... is a shounen centering on three boys and three girls in high school.  It takes place throughout a year using the seasons to signify the changes in each of the characters and their relationships.  Kyoichi Kanzaki is the main character and provides narration for the series and his two friends are Kenjou Yoshihiko and Makoto Kurumizawa.  Chiharu, a childhood friend of Kyoichi's, is the leading lady with her friends Yumi Kazama and Aki Mizutani.

The show starts with Kyoichi coming to the realization that he likes Chiharu a little more than just a friend.  It follows their relationship and how it develops throughout the series with its ups and downs.  Along the way, their friends also find friendship and companionship and they grow as people as well.

The one thing that I liked about the show is the lack of "happily ever after".  It ends but yet you know that life goes on and things will change whether it's what the viewer wants or not.  It leaves the characters with more in front of them.

I don't particularly care for this kind of show usually but, being in a huge "watch anime" mood lately; I've been renting a lot of new stuff.  I have to say that this was very enjoyable.

There is some nice music in the show.  I liked the opening theme Daijobu sung by Maeda Aki.  I'm not sure that I cared for the live action video look to the opening credits but the song was good.  The ending song is not bad either and both fit the anime well.

The animation was overall nicely done, especially the scenery parts.  I did not like the live action inserts in the video store and in a few other places.  At time, though, the character animation was not so good with the characters looking chubby (although this could have been an attempt at realism - it wasn't consistent).  Although she was supposed to be a larger girl I guess (hence the nickname Amazon), Chiharu sometimes looked like a female body builder.

This anime deals with high school kids and thus, focuses somewhat on relationships and what guys and girls sometime dream of happening.  The fantasizing is kept to a minimum but, due to this and some fan service, I would recommend this for older teens and above.

I thought the fantasizing by Yoshi to be funny after getting kissed by the girl in the library.  His story changed based on the novel he read each day waiting for her.

I liked what Erika did when she saw how Makoto had prepared for their date.  Even though the wording on her note was malicious, it wasn't because that was what she felt for Makoto, it was just something she did to get him to go to Yumi, her friend.

I enjoyed the final episode where Kyoichi is traveling with his mysterious woman and taking in the countryside.  He's learning all the while about his feelings.
Last Updated: 3/6/2008
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