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Show: Blood: The Last Vampire (2001)  
Review by: Animetique
This summary/review is provided by and used under the Creative Commons License.
Blood is one of those anime that feels like a hack and slash Hollywood blockbuster - the only thing it really has going for it is the eye candy. Set in 1966 during the Vietnam war era, Saya is pretty much the kind of girl you'd expect if Buffy and Angelus had a demonic daughter. She's got all the dark, brooding characteristics of Angel. Cold and calculated like Angelus. And she kicks demon ass like Buffy.

When the anime picks up, Saya's just been assigned to a mission. She's to pose as a student at a US military base in Japan - so she gets the classic Japanese school girl uniform - and take out two demons haunting the school. I'm not clear on who gave Saya these orders - though they appear to have military connections.

Other than that, there's not a whole lot more to say. Saya spots the demons and a bloody chase ensues for the next 45 minutes.

Dubbed as Japan's first fully digital animated feature film, the movie does look great. The artists did a wonderful job with mixing CG with traditional animation and lighting techniques to create gothic feel.

The cinematography might make it worth renting if you're not looking for plot or even closure. Watch it for the animation not the character development.
Last Updated: 4/4/2007
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