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Show: Reincarnation (2006)  
Review by: Craig Burns
I had high hopes for Reincarnation. I initially rented this because it was done by the same director that did Ju-On and the Grudge. I had heard that it was a scary movie and the fact that it had been on "Long Wait" status in my queue for quite a while made me expect the best from it. I was disappointed though. Most of the eerie parts happen in the first five minutes with the rest of the show building to what is hoped to be a big finale. I will admit that there is one twist that made the show at least somewhat unpredictable but apart from that it's more of the same from the J-Horror scene. It was entertaining until close to the end but failed to deliver a satisfying wrap-up. Oh, and the doll was kinda creepy too.
Last Updated: 6/29/2007
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