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Show: Transmorphers (2007)  
Review by: Craig Burns
I watched this movie because, hey, the title looked a little like it might be a Transformers knock off and I just wanted to see if it was. It's not - this movie is basically a futuristic war movie. It uses one of the oldest sci-fi plot points in existence: when the world is overrun by bad guys, they can all be taken out if you can just get to that off switch. The story line is very similar to the ideas in The Matrix and The Terminator though I would NOT compare this to them. Throw in some bad acting and cheep special effects and then you get this movie. The robots reminded me of a computer generated version of the claymation effects used in Clash of the Titans. Another problem was that the dialogue was often overrun by the thunder effects or musical track but, maybe that was just the copy of the DVD I got. I would not recommend wasting time on this one.
Last Updated: 8/14/2007
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