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The Joy Device

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 Doctor Who - New Adventures*
#83 of 83
Doctor Who - New Adventures*

1) Timewyrm: Genesys
2) Timewyrm: Exodus
3) Timewyrm: Apocalypse
4) Timewyrm: Revelation
5) Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible
6) Cat's Cradle: Warhead
7) Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark
8) Nightshade
9) Love and War
10) Transit
11) The Highest Science
12) The Pit
13) Deceit
14) Lucifer Rising
15) White Darkness
16) Shadowmind
17) Birthright
18) Iceberg
19) Blood Heat
20) The Dimension Riders
21) The Left-Handed Hummingbird
22) Conundrum
23) No Future
24) Tragedy Day
25) Legacy
26) Theatre of War
27) All-Consuming Fire
28) Blood Harvest
29) Strange England
30) First Frontier
31) St Anthony's Fire
32) Falls the Shadow
33) Parasite
34) Warlock
35) Set Piece
36) Infinite Requiem
37) Sanctuary
38) Human Nature
39) Original Sin
40) Sky Pirates!
41) Zamper
42) Toy Soldiers
43) Head Games
44) The Also People
45) Shakedown
46) Just War
47) Warchild
48) Sleepy
49) Death and Diplomacy
50) Happy Endings
51) GodEngine
52) Christmas on a Rational Planet
53) Return of the Living Dad
54) The Death of Art
55) Damaged Goods
56) So Vile a Sin
57) Bad Therapy
58) Eternity Weeps
59) The Room with No Doors
60) Lungbarrow
61) The Dying Days
62) Oh No It Isn't
63) Dragons' Wrath
64) Beyond the Sun
65) Ship of Fools
66) Down
67) Deadfall
68) Ghost Devices
69) Mean Streets
70) Tempest
71) Walking to Babylon
72) Oblivion
73) The Medusa Effect
74) Dry Pilgrimage
75) The Sword of Forever
76) Another Girl, Another Planet
77) Beige Planet Mars
78) Where Angels Fear
79) The Mary-Sue Extrusion
80) Dead Romance
81) Tears of the Oracle
82) Return to the Fractured Planet
83) The Joy Device
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United Kingdom

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'Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes... it's worse than Samuel Beckett.'

Benny has had enough. Enough of the angst and the heartache. Enough of Jason and the others. She needs a holiday, and so she's heading to the Eastern Rim, a part of the galaxy where there is still a frontier, and adventure to be had. She's packed her trowel. She's off.

Her friends are concerned. Drug barons, war lords, criminal cartels and outlaws have fled to the Rim from authority and order. There's a distinct risk of getting into trouble, not to mention life-threatening peril. It's not so much that Benny might come to harm; she might find she likes it out there. But Benny finds the Eastern Rim almost suspiciously ordinary: no violence, no action, no excitement. So when she is asked by a shady curio dealer to help him find Dorpfeld's Prism, it seems just another cursed relic to recover before retiring to the bar. In a place this dull, nothing dangerous can possibly happen. Can it?


Justin Richards
Birth: 14 Sep 1961 Epping, Essex, United Kingdom
Notes: From the back of the book Time Zero

Justin Richards has no cat.  He might (or might not) have had a cat when he was a child, but if he did he never ever put it in a box.  He does have two children, but that's not the same thing at all.  Believe me, if you have a cat and you're thinking of trading up for kids, there is a big difference.

When he isn't busy with his children, Justin acts as Creative Consultant to BBC Worldwide's various Doctor Who book ranges as well as doing some writing of his own - novels, audios, television, non fiction and other 'stuff'.  Presumably this is done during the time he would have had to spend with the cat, so given that Justin never has enough time for writing, he's thinking of not getting another one.


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