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Special Book List

Special List: Edgar Allan Poe Stories

This is a list of all of the stories that were written by Edgar Allen Poe.
This is in order of publication.
TitleHaveReadDateFirst published inGenreNotesSource
PoetryList checked1824Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetrySource
O, Tempora! O, Mores!List checked1825Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetryNot authenticated, attribution to Poe is likely incorrectSource
TamerlaneW5July 1827Tamerlane and Other PoemsPoetry
TamerlaneW5July 1827Tamerlane and Other PoemsPoetry
SongW5July 1827Tamerlane and Other PoemsPoetry
ImitationW5July 1827Tamerlane and Other PoemsPoetry
A DreamW5July 1827Tamerlane and Other PoemsPoetry
The LakeW5July 1827Tamerlane and Other PoemsPoetryThe Lake - to - ?
Spirits of the DeadW5July 1827Tamerlane and Other PoemsPoetry
Evening StarW5July 1827Tamerlane and Other PoemsPoetry
DreamsW5July 1827Tamerlane and Other PoemsPoetry
StanzasW5July 1827Tamerlane and Other PoemsPoetry"In Young I Have Known One"
The Happiest DayW5September 15, 1827The North AmericanPoetry
To MargaretList checkedcirca 1827Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetrySource
AloneW51829Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetryDoubtful poem
To IsadoreW5?PoetryDoubtful poem
The Village StreetW5?PoetryDoubtful poem
The Forest ReverieW5?PoetryDoubtful poem
To Isaac LeaList checkedcirca 1829Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetrySource
To The River ——W51829Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor PoemsPoetry
To ——W51829Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor PoemsPoetryBegins "The bowers whereat, in dreams..."
To ——W51829Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor PoemsPoetryBegins "Should my early life seem..."
RomanceW51829Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor PoemsPoetry
Fairy-LandW51829Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor PoemsPoetry
To ScienceW51829Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor PoemsPoetry
Al AaraafW51829Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor PoemsPoetry
An Acrostic1829Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetry
ElizabethList checked1829Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetrySource
Letter to Mr B -W51931LetterPoetry
To HelenW51831Poems by Edgar A. PoePoetry
A PaeanList checked1831Poems by Edgar A. PoePoetrySource
The SleeperW51831Poems by Edgar A. PoePoetry
The City in the SeaW51831Poems by Edgar A. PoePoetry
The Valley of UnrestW51831Poems by Edgar A. PoePoetry
IsrafelW51831Poems by Edgar A. PoePoetry
MetzengersteinW4January 14, 1832Philadelphia Saturday CourierHorror / SatireFirst published anonymously with the subtitle "A Tale in Imitation of the German"
The Duc de L'OmeletteW4March 3, 1832Philadelphia Saturday CourierHumorOriginally "The Duke of l'Omelette"
A Tale of JerusalemW5June 9, 1832Philadelphia Saturday CourierHumor
Loss of BreathW4November 10, 1832Philadelphia Saturday CourierHumorOriginally "A Decided Loss"
Bon-BonDecember 1, 1832Philadelphia Saturday CourierHumorOriginally "The Bargain Lost"
EnigmaList checkedFebruary 2, 1833Baltimore Saturday VisiterPoetrySource
FannyList checkedMay 18, 1833Baltimore Saturday VisiterPoetrySource
MS. Found in a BottleW1List checkedOctober 19, 1833Baltimore Saturday VisiterAdventureSource
The ColiseumW5October 26, 1833Baltimore Saturday VisiterPoetry
SerenadeList checkedApril 20, 1833Baltimore Saturday VisiterPoetrySource
To One in ParadiseW5January 1834Godey's Lady's BookPoetry
The AssignationW2January 1834Godey's Lady's BookHorrorOriginally "The Visionary", published anonymously
BereniceW2March 1835Southern Literary MessengerHorror
MorellaW3April 1835Southern Literary MessengerHorror
HymnW5April 1835Southern Literary MessengerPoetry
LionizingW4May 1835Southern Literary MessengerSatireSubtitle: "A Tale"
The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans PfaallW1List checkedJune 1835Southern Literary MessengerAdventureSource
King PestW3September 1835Southern Literary MessengerHorror / HumorOriginally "King Pest the First", published anonymously
ShadowW4September 1835Southern Literary MessengerHorrorPublished anonymously
To ElizabethList checkedSeptember 1835Southern Literary MessengerPoetryRepublished as "To F——s S. O——d" (Frances Osgood?) in 1845Source
Politian W5Dec 1835-Jan 1836Southern Literary MessengerPlayIncomplete
May Queen Odecirca 1836Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetry
Spiritual SongList checked1836Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetrySource
Four Beasts in One - The Homo-CameleopardW1List checkedMarch 1836Southern Literary MessengerHumorOriginally "Epimanes"Source
Latin HymnMarch 1836Southern Literary MessengerPoetry
Maelzel's Chess PlayerW4April 1836Southern Literary MessengerEssay
Bridal BalladList checkedJanuary 1837Southern Literary MessengerPoetryOriginally published as "Ballad"Source
To ZanteW5January 1837Southern Literary MessengerPoetry
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket W3January/February 1837Southern Literary MessengerIssued as novel Jul 1838
MystificationW4June 1837American Monthly MagazineHumorOriginally "Von Jung, the Mystific"
SilenceW2List checked1838Baltimore BookHorror / FantasyOriginally "Siope—A Fable"
LigeiaW3September 1838Baltimore American MuseumHorrorRepublished in the February 15, 1845, issue of the New York World, included the poem "The Conqueror Worm" as words written by Ligeia on her death-bed
How to Write a Blackwood ArticleW4November 1838Baltimore American MuseumParodyAn introduction to "A Predicament"
A PredicamentW4November 1838Baltimore American MuseumParodyCompanion to "How to Write a Blackwood Article," originally "The Scythe of Time"
The Haunted PalaceW5April 1839American MuseumPoetry
The Devil in the BelfryW4May 18, 1839Saturday Chronicle and Mirror of the TimesHumor / Satire
The Man That Was Used UpW4August 1839Burton's Gentleman's MagazineSatire
The Fall of the House of UsherW2List checkedSeptember 1839Burton's Gentleman's MagazineHorror
William WilsonW2October 1839The Gift: A Christmas and New Year's Present for 1840Horror
The Conversation of Eiros and CharmionW4December 1839Burton's Gentleman's MagazineScience fiction
SilenceW5January 4, 1840Saturday CourierPoetry
Why the Little Frenchman Wears His Hand in a SlingW51840Tales of the Grotesque and ArabesqueHumor
The Business ManW4February 1840Burton's Gentleman's MagazineHumorOriginally "Peter Pendulum"
The Philosophy of FurnitureW5May 1840Burton's Gentleman's MagazineEssay
The Man of the CrowdW5December 1840Graham's MagazineHorror
The Murders in the Rue MorgueW1List checkedApril 1841Graham's MagazineDetective fictionSource
A Descent into the MaelströmW2List checkedApril 1841Graham's MagazineAdventure
The Island of the FayW2June 1841Graham's MagazineFantasy
A Few Words on Secret WritingJuly 1841Graham's MagazineEssay
The Colloquy of Monos and UnaW4August 1841Graham's MagazineScience fiction
Never Bet the Devil Your HeadW5September 1841Graham's MagazineSatireSubtitled "A Tale with a Moral"
EleonoraW2Fall 1841The Gift for 1842Romance
Three Sundays in a WeekW3November 27, 1841Saturday Evening PostHumorOriginally "A Succession of Sundays"
The Oval PortraitW1List checkedApril 1842Graham's MagazineHorrorOriginally "Life in Death"Source
The Masque of the Red DeathW2List checkedMay 1842Graham's MagazineHorrorOriginally "The Mask of the Red Death"
The Landscape GardenW4October 1842Snowden's Ladies' CompanionSketchLater incorporated into "The Domain of Arnheim"
The Mystery of Marie RogêtW1List checkedNovember 1842, December 1842, February 1843Snowden's Ladies' CompanionDetective fictionOriginally subtitled "A Sequel to 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue'"Source
The Pit and the PendulumW21842–1843The Gift: A Christmas and New Year's PresentHorror
The Tell-Tale HeartW2January 1843The PioneerHorror
The Conqueror WormW5January 1843Graham's MagazinePoetry
LenoreW5February 1843The PioneerPoetry
Lines on Joe LockeList checkedFebruary 28, 1843Saturday MuseumPoetrySource
The Gold-BugW1List checkedJune 1843Dollar NewspaperAdventureSource
The Black CatW2List checkedAugust 19, 1843United States Saturday PostHorror
DiddlingW4October 14, 1843Philadelphia Saturday CourierParodyOriginally "Raising the Wind; or, Diddling Considered as One of the Exact Sciences"
The SpectaclesW3March 27, 1844Dollar NewspaperHumor
A Tale of the Ragged MountainsW3April 1844Godey's Lady's BookScience fiction/ Adventure
Morning on the Wissahiccon1844The OpalEssay
A Campaign SongList checked1844Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetrySource
The Balloon-HoaxW1List checkedApril 13, 1844A newspaper article that was actually a journalistic hoaxEssaySource
Dream-LandW5June 1844Graham's MagazinePoetry
The Premature BurialW2July 31, 1844Dollar NewspaperHorror
Mesmeric RevelationW2List checkedAugust 1844Columbian MagazineScience fiction
The Oblong BoxW4September 1844Godey's Lady's BookHorror / Ratiocination
The Angel of the OddW4October 1844Columbian MagazineHumorSubtitled "An Extravaganza"
Thou Art the ManW5November 1844Godey's Lady's BookDetective fiction / Satire
The Literary Life of Thingum Bob, Esq.December 1844Southern Literary MessengerHumor
The Purloined LetterW2List checked1844–1845The Gift: A Christmas and New Year's PresentDetective fiction
Epigram for Wall StreetList checkedJanuary 23, 1845Evening MirrorPoetrySource
The Thousand-and-Second Tale of ScheherazadeW2List checkedFebruary 1845Godey's Lady's BookHumorMeant as a sequel to One Thousand and One Nights
The RavenW5February 1845American Review: A Whig JournalPoetry
Some Words with a MummyW5April 1845American Review: A Whig JournalSatire
Impromptu. To Kate CarolList checkedApril 26, 1845Broadway JournalPoetrySource
To F——W5April 1845Broadway JournalPoetryRepublished as "To Frances" in the September 6, 1845, issue of the Broadway Journal
The Power of WordsW4June 1845Democratic ReviewScience fiction
The Imp of the PerverseW2List checkedJuly 1845Graham's MagazineHorror
EulalieList checkedJuly 1845American Review: A Whig JournalPoetrySource
The Divine Right of KingsList checkedOctober 1845Graham's MagazinePoetrySource
The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor FetherW4November 1845Graham's MagazineHumor
The Facts in the Case of M. ValdemarW2List checkedDecember 1845The American ReviewHorror / Science fiction / HoaxOriginally "The Facts of M. Valdemar's Case"
The SphinxW5January 1846Arthur's Ladies MagazineSatire
A ValentineW5February 21, 1846Evening MirrorPoetryOriginally published as "To Her Whose Name Is Written Below"
The Philosophy of CompositionApril 1846Graham's MagazineEssay
The Cask of AmontilladoW2List checkedNovember 1846Godey's Lady's BookHorror
Beloved PhysicianList checked1847Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetryIncompleteSource
Deep in EarthList checked1847Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetryIncompleteSource
To M. L. S—— (1847)W5March 13, 1847The Home JournalPoetry
The Domain of ArnheimW2March 1847Columbian Lady's and Gentleman's MagazineSketchExpansion of previous story "The Landscape Garden"
UlalumeW5December 1847American Whig ReviewPoetry
Lines on AleList checked1848Never published in Poe's lifetimePoetrySource
To Marie LouiseW5March 1848Columbian MagazinePoetry
An EnigmaW5March 1848Union Magazine of Literature and ArtPoetry
Eureka: A Prose PoemMarch 1848Wiley & PutnamEssay
The Rationale of VerseOctober 1848Southern Literary MessengerEssay
To HelenW5November 1848Sartain's Union MagazinePoetry
The Poetic PrincipleW5December 1848Southern Literary MessengerEssay
Mellonta TautaW4February 1849Godey's Lady's BookScience fiction / Hoax
Hop-FrogW5March 17, 1849Flag of Our UnionHorrorSubtitled "Or, The Eight Chained Ourang-Outangs"
A Dream Within A DreamList checkedMarch 31, 1849The Flag of Our UnionPoetrySource
Von Kempelen and His DiscoveryW2List checkedApril 14, 1849Flag of Our UnionHoax
EldoradoW5April 21, 1849Flag of Our UnionPoetry
For AnnieW5April 28, 1849Flag of Our UnionPoetry
X-ing a ParagrabW4May 12, 1849Flag of Our UnionHumor
Landor's CottageW2June 9, 1849Flag of Our UnionSketchOriginally "Landor's Cottage: A Pendant to 'The Domain of Arnheim'"
To My MotherList checkedJuly 7, 1849Flag of Our UnionPoetrySource
Annabel LeeW5October 9, 1849New York Daily TribunePoetrySold before Poe's death but published posthumously
The BellsW5November 1849Sartain's Union MagazinePoetrySold before Poe's death but published posthumously