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Fletcher's mother has been sending out e-mail updates to our friends and family in order to keep everyone up to date on what's happening.  Here are these updates in order from latest to earliest...

Date Subject
12/24/2007 Prayer Request
8/10/2007 Fletcher's Eye Surgery (NOT)
8/10/2007 Fletcher's Eye Surgery
6/19/2007 Blog Update
6/16/2007 Prayer Request
5/18/2007 Fletcher's Better
5/15/2007 Mother's Day & Pneumonia
4/20/2007 PicturesFletcher an 89er?
4/6/2007 Easter Egg Hunt at TCC
4/2/2007 Palm Sunday
3/30/2007 Coming Home Saturday
3/8/2007 Airway Scope Update
3/7/2007 Airway Scope
1/22/2007 NeeNee's New Blog
12/28/2006 Christmas 2006
12/20/2006 PicturesFletcher Says... Merry Christmas
10/24/2006 Two Doctors Appointments
10/21/2006 PicturesFletcher's First Shiner
10/17/2006 PicturesFletcher the Frog
10/11/2006 A Great Week...
9/25/2006 PicturesGood Ole Tent Revival and Ice Cream Social
9/20/2006 PicturesSeptember Update
8/30/2006 PicturesPneumonia Better
8/21/2006 Pneumonia Again
8/18/2006 PicturesTreble Makers Concert
8/3/2006 PicturesFamily Photos
7/15/2006 Trip to the Neurosurgeon
7/11/2006 PicturesChildren's Center Olympics
7/7/2006 PicturesFletcher Swings
7/6/2006 Pictures4th of July
7/3/2006 PicturesComing Home of 4th of July
6/29/2006 PicturesFletcher Says
6/20/2006 Fletcher's Trip Home
6/16/2006 Out of the Hospital for Nine Weeks!

Hey everyone,
I do realize it has been weeks since I last updated you on 'the boy', but there is a method to my madness. Fletcher has now been back at The Children's Center for 9 weeks! Which is a record for him considering the fact that 9 weeks is the longest that he was at home. So, way to go Fletcher!

Fletcher is doing well and making progress. He is having more good days than bad days! He is going to class each day. He has speech therapy 2 days a week and he is working on some sign language. He already knows Mommy and Daddy and we have made up signs for Kayleigh and Maddie and he is working on learning them. He is also giving five! Since Fletcher has a trach he doesn't make any noise when he coughs, laughs or cries. He is now using a speaking valve which allows him to make some sounds. His little voice is very deep. Kayleigh says he sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars! Fletcher also has physical therapy several times a week. They usually work at his bedside. Lately they have been putting him in a stander which looks like a medieval torture device! They lay him on this flat board and strap him in and crank it until he's standing up. Just think about how hard this is for Fletcher, he hasn't ever put any weight on his legs so this will help him considerably! He also has occupational therapy once a week where they are working with him to sit up, roll over and on other milestones he's missed. Every Thursday he goes to the gym with his little play group and all of his therapist (physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapist) and they work on all kinds of stuff! We are so pleased with The Center and the staff. They are all working so hard to help Fletcher and they're doing a GREAT job! We're there everyday and everyone is very friendly and so caring!

This Sunday is Father's Day and we are going to bring Fletcher home for the afternoon! This is so exciting to us because Fletcher hasn't been in our home since October 27, 2005. Craig and I have gone through training for his ventilator and we both have had to change his trach. Let me just tell you that was a very emotional task for us, but we did it. There is nothing natural about a trach and no parent should have to know how to do these kind of things for their baby. But, we had to learn how to care for him in case of an emergency and his trach and ventilator are keeping him alive. Please pray for us that we would have a sweet time at home with our family and that if an emergency does arise that the Lord would give us the strength and courage to do what is necessary to help Fletcher. As much of a blessing as it will be to have him with us it will also be a bit overwhelming. I know the first time is going to be the hardest and with time we'll become more comfortable having him at home. Eventually he'll be able to come home and stay the night! Which is training us for the ultimate blessing...Fletcher at home for good!

Well as you can see things are going well. Kayleigh and Maddie are really enjoying summer. Our friends and family are helping out a lot by keeping them and some are taking them swimming. I am taking them up to The Center once or twice a week with me. They are having fun getting to be with their Bubba! The girls are getting to know a couple of the other kids up there, too. Each day when I leave I whisper Joshua 1:9 ("Be strong and courageous do not be terrified for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go") in Fletcher's ear. Maddie knows I do this and now she says it to the other boys and girls in Fletcher's unit. Pretty sweet! God is doing something very special in our family. He is taking care of us. We pray that God is glorified in our circumstance and that through this others will come to know Jesus. As always thank you for being so faithful to pray for us words can not express our gratitude.

Much love,
Craig & Denise

BTW - Fletcher is now 17 months old and weighs about 21 lbs!

5/17/2006 PicturesMore Pet Therapy
5/8/2006 PicturesAlmost 4 weeks and still out of the hospital!
4/19/2006 PicturesPet Therapy
4/18/2006 PicturesSchool Photo
4/11/2006 Fletcher Got a Port
4/10/2006 Still in the Hospital - Doing Well
4/5/2006 Back in the PICU
3/25/2006 PicturesEvaluated for PT/OT/ST
3/22/2006 Three Good Days - Physical Therapy
3/20/2006 Central Line Infection
3/15/2006 Back at Children's Center After 48 Days
3/8/2006 On Home Vent
3/3/2006 PicturesMRSA & Port - etc.
2/19/2006 Paralyzed Again
2/7/2006 Decent Unparalyzed Weekend
2/2/2006 Hospital Update
1/30/2006 Still in the Hospital
1/26/2006 Back in the Hospital Part 2
1/26/2006 Back in the Hospital
1/11/2006 PicturesChildren's Center
1/4/2006 PicturesLook who's One!
12/29/2005 Fletcher's Birthday Annoucement
12/25/2005 PicturesMerry Christmas!
12/23/2005 PicturesHolding Fletcher
12/16/2005 Trach Surgery Success
12/13/2005 PicturesTrach Scheduled
12/7/2005 Long Term Care
11/30/2005 PicturesPneumonia at Baptist
11/21/2005 Going to Baptist
11/21/2005 PicturesOff the Vent for A While
11/14/2005 Doing Well After Surgery
11/10/2005 Open Heart Surgery Was a Success!
11/9/2005 No Surgery Today
11/9/2005 Fletcher Needs Surgery Even Though He's Sick
11/3/2005 Para-Influenza So No Surgery Now
11/2/2005 Heart Cath Shows that Fletcher Will Need Surgery
11/1/2005 Heart Cath Rescheduled
10/31/2005 Heart Cath
10/28/2005 Cardiologist Follow-up and Children's
10/9/2005 PicturesHome After 41 Days!
9/28/2005 PicturesDay 29 Part 2
9/27/2005 Day 29
9/3/2005 Idiopathic Hypertrophic Subaortic Stenosis
9/1/2005 In the Hospital After 16 Days Home
8/17/2005 PicturesFletcher Wearing Glasses
8/12/2005 Home After 26 Days in the PICU
8/7/2005 PicturesOff the Ventilator Again
8/4/2005 Bronchoscopy and Biopsy
7/30/2005 Very Low Blood Pressure
7/23/2005 Tests Normal but Still Sick!
7/19/2005 Back in the PICU / Bronchoscope
7/13/2005 PicturesBack Home with No Answers
7/7/2005 Back in the Hospital
7/6/2005 PicturesPicture of Fletcher at Home on Oxygen
6/25/2005 Fletcher's Home on Oxygen
6/21/2005 Coming Home on Oxygen?
6/16/2005 On Oxygen and Coming off Drugs
6/13/2005 Off the Vent
6/10/2005 One the Vent Again
6/2/2005 PicturesAnother Picture at Home
6/1/2005 PicturesA Picture at Home
5/8/2005 Mother's Day Trip Home
5/4/2005 Off the Ventilator
5/2/2005 G Tube and Fundoplication
4/29/2005 Normal MRI
4/27/2005 No Eye Surgery in the PICU
4/26/2005 On the Ventilator at Baptist
4/18/2005 RSV and the NG Tube
4/3/2005 No Eye Surgery
3/15/2005 Lumbar Hernia

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