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Blue Seed Beyond - Summary

Blue Seed Beyond Details
Title: Blue Seed Beyond
Aired: 1 Jan 1996
  Ran for 1 season (3 episodes)
Starring: Allison Keith; Marcy Rae; Tiffany Grant; Brian Granveldt     [all]
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year 1st Seen: 2001
Certification: Unknown
Run Time: 30 min*
Color: Unknown
Sound: Unknown
First Episode: Mission: Eradicate Kushinada, Operation Mitama, Phase I
Last Episode: Six Babes Bathing In a Killer Hot Spring
Opening Theme: Eternal Truth
Ending Theme: Second Kiss
Tags: Anime; Science Fiction; Monster; Supernatural
Content: Bloody Violence; Bad Language; Nudity


Licensed by: ADV Films     [more info]
Prod Company: MOVIC     [more info]
  Production I.G.     [more info]
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Ave Viewer Rating:  None
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Source(s): Anime News Network
  * Runtime per episode
(Warning: Possible Spoliers)  
Blue Seed (碧奇魂ブルーシード Aokushimitama Blue Seed) is a Manga created by Yuzo Takada.It was animated for broadcast on TV Tokyo in 1994.

The story is based on the Izumo cycle of Japanese mythology, the tale of the god Susanoo and the 8 headed monster Yamata-no-orochi. The main character, Fujimiya Momiji (藤宮 紅葉 Fujimiya Momiji), is a descendant of the mythical Princess Kushinada (奇稲田姫). When Japan is menaced by aragami (荒神:"angry gods") spawned by Yamata-no-orochi, Momiji is intended to be sacrificed to appease the aragami. However, instead she becomes a member of the secret agency known as the T.A.C. charged with fighting them.

The series ran for 26 episodes, originally airing in Japan from 5 October 1994 to 29 March 1995.

Like most young girls in Japan, Momiji Fujimiya thought she was just an ordinary high school student. One day, she is confronted on her way to school by a man with cat-like eyes, who attempts to kill her. Momiji is confused and terrified to see that the strange man has strange beads on heads and blades that appear from his arms and he refers to her as Kushinada. Terrified and uncertain how to react, a pair of government officials appear. The female of the duo shoots the cat-eyed man, who then runs away.

Intrigued and curious as to why she was refered to as "Kushinada", Momiji (because most modern Japanese children are unaware about Shinto and Japanese mythology) decides to a little research in the school library. She discovers that "Kushinada" refers to an ancient princess with the ability to stop monsters called Aragami by sending them to sleep with their blood. Momiji dismisses the idea that she could be such a person, despite the fact she lives with her mother and grandmother in a shrine in Izumo. However, she soon changes her mind after vines begin to appear from every crack and opening attempting to capture her as they whisper "Kushinada".

Momiji tries to escape, not knowing that the vines are being employed by a powerful Aragami known as Orochi. Fortunately, she is saved by the strange cat-eyed man, who introduces himself as Mamoru Kusanagi. He confronts Orochi using Momiji as bait. The plan fails and the government officials appear again. They reveal themselves to be the TAC (Terrestrial Administration Centre), who manage to subdue Orochi. However, with the last of its strength, it makes a final attempt on Kusanagi.

Momiji saves Kusanagi by taking Orochi's blow. Instead of dying, she receives an odd blue bead identified as a mitama and gives Momiji the ability the sense Aragami. The TAC reveal themselves as an organization dedicated to defeating the Aragami, which desire to destroy humanity. Momiji, as the current Kushinada, must aid them because the only other Kushinada, her twin sister, is now dead. Momiji, wishing to discover more about the twin sister she never knew and also fufill her destiny, agrees to join the TAC under the protection of Kusanagi, who wishes to destroy his former masters, the Aragami.

It's an ongoing battle that becomes more intense as the Aragami's plans become more clear-- they intend to resurrect the god, Susanowo, and purify the world of humanity's influences. Even more shocking is that the leader of the movement is Kunikida Kaede, the TAC supervisor's adopted daughter, the former Kushinada and Momiji's supposed dead twin sister.

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Franchise: Blue Seed

Telvision Shows
   Blue Seed (1994-1995)
   Blue Seed Beyond (1996)
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Episodes: 3
Reg Cast: 30
Songs: 2
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